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Get the ball rolling for this project

Tower plan could doom iconic music venue
July 5, 2013

Melbourne icon the Palace Theatre is set to be demolished and replaced with an opulent 5-star hotel and apartment complex with a $180 million price tag.

The 30-storey project on Bourke Street is being proposed by Melbourne's Jinshan Investments, owned by businessman Xian Xu, and would boast Australia's first “W Hotel”.

If approved it would spell the end for the former Metro Nightclub - a building some say should be protected because of its heritage value.

And the National Trust say the Bourke Street proposal is continuing a dangerous precedent on exceeding height limits, which began with the controversial Hotel Windsor development.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/tower-plan-could-doom-iconic-music-ven...

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Not happening.

Guy has ruled out approval, as noted on ABC News last night.

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Don't discount a) the plans being amended or b) the applicant going to VCAT.

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not happening

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developer starts at one end of the scale, gov't body at the other

middle ground will be found.

As Nick Harrison mentioned elsewhere, it's more than likely something of some shape will get up here. Trying to demolish the whole theatre seems a very average move though

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Anger rises over Palace Theatre plans
July 9, 2013

Opponents of a plan to convert Melbourne's Palace Theatre into a 30-storey apartment building have upped the volume of complaints online, as Planning Minister Matthew Guy signalled he would reject the development in its current form.

Last Friday, property developer Jinshan Investments announced it had submitted a proposal to demolish the existing theatre to build a five-star hotel with 205 rooms, as well as 145 apartments. The entire project would require a $180 million investment.

However, the plan went down like a 'lead zeppelin' with music fans, who took to the internet to vent their disgust.

An online petition begun on Saturday morning has more than 14,000 signatures, while a Facebook group called "Save the Palace Theatre - Melbourne" has attracted more than 24,000 likes.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/anger-rises-over-palace-theatre-plans-...

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It would be absolutely criminal for this theatre to be demolished. I worked there from 1989 to 1993 and it still retains so much beautiful detail and heritage value. I would be devastated if it were to go

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I think this developemnt will have a greater backlash than the Windsor Development because many more people from Melbourne have been to the Metro than stayed at the Windsor.

The theatre takes up the entire site so it would be quite difficult to retain the theatre. Retining the front of the building without keeping the actual theatre would be kind of pointless in this case because most of the heritage and history is in the theatre.

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throwing pics into thread

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very meh.

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I can only hope that they are forced to keep the facade and some of the building, as that facade planned is far too plain.

The height will be an issue but who knows what will come of it. I could think of other places I'd rather see a W Hotel in Melb.

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My bad, forgot there was a thread.

Really hope this doesn't go ahead, go to the Palace a fair bit, great venue.

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Keep The Palaceangry

W Hotel can be built somewhere else.

I collect, therefore I am. thecollectormm.com.au
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new perspective, for what it's worth

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For what it's worth those first 3 levels are beautiful. ;)

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Images © Bates Smart





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Here are the interiors that will be lost if this goes ahead. supporting this demolition is morally reprehensible.

Would also see the Art Deco facade go , and symmetrical Victorian row of terraces next door mutilated with 1/4 demolished.

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wow appreciate the pics, in the limited times I've been inside I hadn't noticed the detail

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Yea, It's definitely hard to fully appreciate if you're there at a gig with the lights down, I think a lot of people wouldn't realise how spectacular the ceiling is

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The interior is just as intact as the Regent was when it was finally restored in the 1990's.

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The facade actually dates from 1951 and has no real heritage value, except for the stained glass windows.

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beg to differ, I'ts still in an Art Deco style in a heritage streetscape, not individually significant but apart of the heritage precinct. Anyway heritage doesn't end at 1939 if you mean that.

There's also the Victorian facade they want to demolish next door

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Wish we had a like button for this comment. Agree completely. History isn't just buildings predating federation. It would be a real shame to lose this building.

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Parliament objects to Palace development


The Victorian parliament has lodged a planning objection against a 21-storey luxury hotel and apartment complex proposed for a nearby site at the former Palace Theatre.
The move appears to be unprecedented, with upper house president Bruce Atkinson saying he was not aware of parliament lodging a planning objection before.
The objection raises concerns about the 70 metre tall development overshadowing the historic Parliament House.
The proposed Bourke Street development is a stone's throw from state parliament and located at the site of the former Metro Nightclub.
Under the plans, Melbourne icon the Palace Theatre would be demolished to make way for a $180 million W Hotel, which is being proposed by Melbourne's Jinshan Investments, owned by businessman Xian Xu.
Mr Atkinson said no conflict of interest would arise as a result of the objection, because of the separation between parliament and government.
"The government is not the parliament and the parliament is not the government...it's the parliament that is indicating its concern with the development."
He announced in state parliament on Tuesday afternoon that parliament had lodged the objection.
The objection raises concerns about the development overshadowing Parliament House at certain times of the year.
"At the moment there are height limits in place for this precinct," Mr Atkinson said. "The Palace hotel seeks to pursue a development that is much higher than those."
Parliament did not lodge an objection to the controversial Hotel Windsor development, which was approved by the Brumby government and caught up in a sham consultation process.

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There are plenty of reasons to object to this proposal but overshadowing?

The current height controls are not mandatory and are stupid anyways. The current control is there so that "The Parliamentary buildings remain dominant on the Bourke Hill skyline."

What does that mean? The Parliamentary buildings have never dominated anything because it is a squat building with a horizontal orientation.

The setback from Bourke street is far more important that the height of the building.

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IMO overshadowing has nothing to do with this objection. Purely a means to an end.

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