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CBD | 212 La Trobe St | 40L | 142m | Residential

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Tower submitted in 2011 & yet to receive approval, wonder why.....
The submission seems to be in limbo - offensively bad design

Tenth Dula Pty Ltd
© Simon Greenwood Architects
62 low cost apartments & 234 standard apartments
1883sqm office space
4 retail spaces

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That is a seriously bad design…. Looks like it was designed in the mid 90’s… hrmmm, wonder if McBride Charles Ryan are up to anything??

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I don't like how defined the threshold between low cost apartments and 'standard' apartments is, I think they could have been better integrated. It looks on first glance that they've just decided to chuck them on the arse-end of the project and add a bit of 'make-up'.

Also what is evident on the plans is the laneway bisecting the the site has been given over to car park access and bin storage. Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. Not much you can do about the substation however.

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The laneway inbetween is one of our best hidden street art locations, would hate to see it turned into another useless space for clean walls and substation/carpark.

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^^ Some great art in the laneway! smiley

As for the proposal, absolute rubbish! no

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This rubbish proposal was refused last month.

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Interesting to read that the departmental planning report recommended that this tower be approved. The planning minister ignored this advice and refused it anyway. Excellent decision.

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You got a link to where we can read them?

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Seems theres demolition on the site - so what got approved ???


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This is part of the Metro Tunnel demolition: http://metrotunnel.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/131178/MM-NOTI...
The whole corner is going, I believe they worked out a deal so the owners can develop the land after construction

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