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CBD | 175-181 Flinders Lane| 60m | 15L | Mixed Use

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Maria George building - Jackalope Flinders Lane

Architect - MARCH studio

Rutledge Lane

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Wow. This is exactly the kind of development there should be more of in Melbourne. A Fantastic blend of art and architecture that will attract global attention.

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Agreed.....absolutely brilliant.

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Very creative.

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Interesting development. What's the deal with the roof?

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Do we know what materials are proposed? These images look wonderful - adds interest to the roofscape.

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Ok, I like the idea of a ‘rain room’ whatever that is, and that it looks somehow cloud like - metal mesh ? LED lights ? It looks like fun, hanging in amongst the urban backdrop from the fed square sides.

But as an architectural and urban historian, I’d prefer to see what looks like a bit of a glass house (with glass floor ?) hanging above the main frontage either setback, or setback from the sides, so it doesn’t hang over the frontage quite so fully. And I also wonder - what about the mandatory 40m height limit ? The rain room hangs above that - wouldn’t that need a planning scheme amendment?? Are they going to ask the minister for one ? I don’t mind ramelky, at least it’s a ‘feature’, not just more building, like 171 collins, just that bit too tall in my opinion.


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Oh, I like how the glass house sits relative to the existing building. It brings the whole thing in line with it's neighbors, without taking away from the current structure, as it's done with an uncomplicated, but unashamedly new, extension. It is set back.. it's just set back from the bottom, instead of the sides/front. That works for me.

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I like it a lot, but agree with Rohan - it would be much more respectful of the original heritage building if set back from the front lot line.

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okay, seems I was wrong about the 40m becoming mandatory - which I thought the Ministers new controls had done - this one block remains 40m discretionary, even though it was originally mandatory. Which means other designs could stick up so long as "The scale of development complements and is compatible with the nearby retail core (which could mean anything). and : St Paul’s Cathedral remains the dominant building on the Flinders Street skyline between Swanston and Russell Streets (from which views ??) and "Upper levels are visually recessive from streets and laneways." which at least means the 25 storey hotel once proposed behind the forum wouldnt quite comply. Still, disappointed that its still discretionary, with not much to really go on to say yes or no.


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