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CARLTON | 557-591 Swanston Street | 22L | ~70m | Student Accommodation

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As mentioned already - looks like a DCM

557-591 Swanston Street Carlton
Construction of a multi level mixed use development comprising student accommodation and retail premises

Scape adds scope to student housing in Melbourne

A block away, Scape has also just submitted plans for a plot of land it acquired last year on the old CUB brewery site from Grocon.

The 30-level tower will deliver as many as 870 student beds, according to plans lodged with the state government.

The two latest developments add to three existing projects being pursued by Scape, including a 780-bed tower opposite RMIT on Swanston Street.

Along with two other linked projects on La Trobe Street and Little La Trobe Street, Scape is establishing an accommodation precinct around RMIT University and near the University of Melbourne.

"The operational synergies of having a couple of thousand students within 100 metres of each other and being able to create a campus environment just off the RMIT campus will allow us to do some really fun things," said Craig Carracher, who co-founded the Scape platform in Australia.

Along with the business incubator at Franklin Street, Scape will pursue a wellness rating for the building, by improving the quality of food and amount of exercise for students in it.

Read more: http://www.afr.com/real-estate/scape-adds-scope-to-student-housing-in-me...

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This application has been appealed against Failure to Grant a Permit within the prescribed time.

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Dont know if this has gone to the CofM Future Melbourne cttee before, but its going up on Tues, and the officers are saying no. And i say no ! Talk about monolithic ! Two huge slabs that look exactly like that, which maybe in some other location might be ok, but here it totally dominates the heritage buildings either side, and makes from a v large, extremely long, all grey, grid patterned block. Much prefer a podium of textured materials at a lower scale, then the lighter silvery facade above that. Maybe better broken up into vertical blocks too, or perhaps some mad patterning, or some depth, like giving each student a bay window ro mini balcony. Unfortunately it looks exactly like what it is, dozens of single rooms with one window.


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Compared to the crap over the road this is something of an improvement to the area but I do think it's a bit much

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New design is even worse

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PaPa Riddlz, Has posted a photo on skyscrapercity of the Scape new design of 557-591 Swanston Street, Carlton. Mark Baljak, the new design is even worse than the first proposal like you say.

l myself personally don't like either of these 2 proposals of Scape student accommondation, and hope neither of them get approved at all we will see.

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New proposal is like the other scape on Swanson but fatter with less height.
If you don't like the design language used for the first scape then this won't float your boat either

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Scape wins case over tall 'bland' tower

A Carlton building described by Victoria’s planning minister as “too tall and bland” has gained a green light after student housing operator Scape Student Living won a permit for its development.
The 22-storey structure designed by architects Denton Corker Marshall will be built on the former Carlton and United Breweries site in Swanston Street between the heritage Malthouse building and Queensberry Hotel.
The $250 million building, with no car parking, will have ground floor retail and be operated as student housing by Scape, adding to its planned $1 billion Melbourne portfolio.
Scape purchased the site from developer Grocon for $20 million in 2015, two years after it was the scene of a deadly tragedy when a portion of hoarding wall on Swanston Street collapsed, killing three passing pedestrians.
Scape this week won a case against Planning Minister Richard Wynne in Victoria’s planning tribunal after the Minister failed to approve the group’s development plans.
Perpetual Trustees, acting for Scape, told the tribunal the tower was “thoughtfully composed” and would “provide an elegant backdrop to the other buildings.”
But the Minister’s legal team said, although the tower had positive attributes, it was “just too tall and its design is too bland, so that it will visually dominate and excessively overshadow this section of Swanston Street''.
The tribunal approved the plans despite the Minister’s concerns and preference for a building two levels lower than the original scheme submitted by Scape.
“We are satisfied that the architectural response is of an appropriately high quality ... we find [the tower] elegantly detailed so that its very simplicity assists it to be recessive,” the tribunal said.
Scape managing director Stephen Gaitanos said the building was expected to be finished in 2020. “We can’t wait to get on with it,” Mr Gaitanos said.
There was still a significant undersupply of purpose-built student accommodation in Melbourne, he said.
Scape has 12 projects under development across Australia and plans for another 10,000 bedrooms over next five years, with 1700 already open.
Late last year, Mr Wynne rejected another Scape skyscraper at 97 Franklin Street.
Mr Gaitanos said the group was still considering whether it would appeal that ministerial decision. “We’re working through our options at the moment.”


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lol another win for the ugliest section of Swanston.

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Melbourne will be known to be the student accomodation state. Disgrace

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Not an overreaction there.

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Why does everyone hate this one? If done well it could form a dramatic monolith (or should that be bilith?) and a unique architectural form.

The claddings will be important in determining the overall exterior impression, and I hope they're chosen appropriately.

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George 2 reasons why this will be bad for Melb.

1) name a student acc design thats actually good
2) if you take the general rule the renders always look 30% better than the actual build

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Scape's Swanston RMIT accom looks pretty good.

Students need a space to live that's close to campus and relatively affordable. Giving them that is good for Melbourne.

If it looks 70% as good as it does here, it will be better than most accommodation in the city.

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Thanks Boris. You really do bring the lulz.

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Boris is really a Russian secret agent spreading disinformation!

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"Scape's Swanston RMIT accom looks pretty good."

It looks alright at street level, I'll give it that but that's all it gets from me.

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Granted I’m still getting over 90 franklin street going from one of the best designs to a 70 story prison. But if any of you think Scape give a stuff about good design and quality build... just wait until this thing starts to come out of the ground

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^^ true, but at least the Franklin Street proposal was rejected

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