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BRT in Melbourne

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Transdev has approach the State Government via its market-led proposal process to get a BRT up and running to Doncaster via Doncaster road, Eastern FWY, Hoddle St, Victoria PDE and Lonsdale Street.


About time indeed.

This should, IMO, be the default option for all those rail extensions into the suburbs like Cranbourne East/Clyde

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Examples of large capacity buses:

I collect, therefore I am.

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Agreed. Doncaster, Rowville, Cranbourne East, Epping North - would all be great candidates for this. And they will be if Melburnians can manage to get over their irrational hatred of buses.

I used the BRT system in Mexico City last year and was amazed at how well it worked. And they have a much larger and denser population than us.

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It's not irrational at all - the lack of buses in Melbourne is one of the things that makes the city so liveable and pedestrian friendly without the noise, smell and general negative impact these monsters make at street level.

If they're going to all the effort of building dedicated ramps etc. then why not go all out and just build a fast light rail like they should have all along. This just sounds like a cheap cop-out.

Sydney is finally installing a light rail all the way up it's traditionally bus ridden traffic sewer - George St - in what should be a huge improvement for what is currently one of the most pedestrian unfriendly main thoroughfares of any major city in the world today .. which its buses are a big contributor towards.

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I've been mapping :)

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