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Australian Education City

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A media release from the Minister Finance went out the morning confirming that AEC have been tapped as preferred bidder for the redevelopment of the Werribee site. Spring Street are conducting further due dilligence.

Mark posted the link to the Fin article on Tuesday: http://www.afr.com/real-estate/chinabacked-consortium-tapped-for-hitech-...

Media release: http://www.premier.vic.gov.au/jobs-and-education-precinct-a-step-closer-...

The development of a new education and jobs precinct in Melbourne’s west has moved a step closer, with the Andrews Labor Government nominating the Australian Education City consortium as the preferred bidder for the East Werribee Major Development Parcel.

The proposed precinct resides on the site of Victoria’s former State Research Farm, and is centred in one of the fastest growing communities in Victoria.

Minister for Finance Robin Scott said the Labor Government is now undertaking further due diligence before determining whether to enter into contractual negotiations with the consortium for the development of the 400-hectare area.

This will ensure the best development outcome for the local community and greatest value for Victorian taxpayers.

More than $70 million of Victorian Government funded works, including construction of a full diamond interchange with the Princes Freeway and upgrades to Sneydes Road and key intersections along the Princes Highway, have already commenced within the Precinct.

The Precinct has the potential to become a hub for innovation and research, which would create high-skill, high-wage jobs for the future in Melbourne’s West.

The successful bidder will be responsible for delivering the significant infrastructure work that the community would need, to help realise the Precinct’s full potential.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Finance Robin Scott

“The development of East Werribee would be a potentially significant investment in Melbourne’s west and a boost for Victoria’s economy.”

“We’re following strict probity and due diligence in the market process, to ensure the final proposal provides the best outcome for the local community and value for Victorian taxpayers.”


Consortium website: http://australianeducationcity.com/

And sci-fi render:


I'd expect that if after the due dilligence period and more masterplan details are released that this might neatly slot in as a major node for Plan Melbourne's "polycentric" centres. According to the consortium's sustainability goals, they want to achieve 100% Public Transport use (although it's not abundantly clear what that means). http://australianeducationcity.com/sustainability/

Sustainability Smart. Green. Eco. Our Australian Education Cities will be showcases of modern, sustainable living with expansive parks, shaded boulevards, green plazas, blue sky spaces, waterways and lakes. Each city will embody the 20-minute neighbourhood philosophy where everything is a comfortable stroll away from home, encouraging and enabling a healthy and active lifestyle for residents.

And each city will be a joy for cycling with wide streets and ample bike parking. Cars will be few and far between, and mostly out of sight underground within the city centre, and a modern high-frequency transit system will connect everything within the precinct.

Our sustainability goals for each city include:

* 100% public transport use

* 100% independent waste management

* 100% island mode energy system

* 60% water reduction

* 30% green roofs

* Fully-integrated smart city ICT infrastructure.

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Here's a quick brainfart of ideas I just brain dumped into a Gmap.

Red: short tunnel, Green: in a trench/at grade or elevated, Yellow line: BRT from Werribee to Aircraft via the site and Point Cook.  Maroon: mooted Werribee Line extension / RRL electrification in futre.

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I'm applying for a master's degree abroad in the USA, Australia, and European countries. In which countries is TOEFL accepted?

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