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'Access Docklands' - Docklands Transport Network

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^ getting a write up from me tomorrow ;)

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Article today on Fishermans Bend land values rising if a tram link over the river built. But only image of such a link is a ground level park/bridge, which wouldnt work, not only cos it would need a drawbridge for any vessel, including the excursion boats designed to for low level bridges, but because it would have to be elevated to get over the freeway. So a low tram/ped/ bike bridge that continues on as a viaduct, maybe via Hartley street, that continues over the freeway to come to ground in fennel seems the only option. Still requires thought and design and a comittment, all of which seems to he lacking still.


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I still think this is a ludicrous idea. The height of yet another bridge is just over the top. We don't need more river crossings. Soon we'll be like Chicago with a river crossing every 100metres or so!

All we need to do is put longer trams on the 109 Port Melbourne route and create a "U" tram line along Williamstown Road, Ingles Street and Pickles Street that would connect the new residential area north of Williamstown Road and the increasing population near Gasworks Park to the Port Melbourne line.

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I still think a tunnel would be nice, a tunnel with a pedestrian/bike link alongside the tram link would help the Collins/Bourke intersection not be a dead end of docklands.

Also the 'space' for the bridge proposal on the northern bank in those renders from the other year are now construction zones, not much room to turn the tram off there now.

Rohan, 85-93 Lorimer St was designed to have an elevated tram segment along it's back half to help with the tram overpass over the Westgate.
https://urban.melbourne/projects/docklands/85-93-lorimer-street-docklands & https://urban.melbourne/forum/fishermans-bend-zone-85-93-lorimer-street-...

'Access Docklands' - Docklands Transport Network

I don't think Pickles Street requires a tramroute, it is only 1.4km between the 109 and Victoria Avenue at the gasworks park end, then you have the light rail only 1km from gasworks park closer in to the city too.

I personally think a tram should go under the river where Collins Street turns into North Wharf Road, continue diagonally (thanks to the lowrise townhouses being in the way now) to where forge & voyager are and run down Ingles Street. Or, emerge on Rogers Street (Wider, use median strip as tunnel portal)

Then in the future, once the place has apartments everywhere you can run a loop down Turner Street, turn south down Salmon Street down to Willaimstown Road.

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