Data Portal

What is the Data Portal?

The Urban Melbourne Data Portal is a subscription-only service which allows subscribers to obtain a more holistic view of our trusted Project Database.

Subscribers have access to a more granular level of data we keep on development projects right around Melbourne and also have the ability to export the public domain information we aggregate for more in-depth analysis.

For more information on available features, see our Data Portal launch article.

Why become a subscriber?

Want to gain a deeper understanding on the state of play in Melbourne's development scene? Want to be able to use our data in your own analytical tools? Looking to save time getting the data you're looking for?

Don't want to pay multiple thousands of dollars every year?

If you answer any of the above questions in the affirmative then becoming a subscriber is for you.

How much does a subscription cost?

  • $1000 + GST per annum.

Annual subscriptions are for one user login only. If you wish to grant more than one employee in your organisation with their own access to the Data Portal, each extra user account will be charged at $75 + GST per annum and added to your annual invoice.

A few other things…

Upon receipt of your signup form we generate an invoice and send to the email address provided in the form. We will only grant access to subscribers whose subscription fee has been cleared into the bank account of Alamar AV Communications Pty Ltd (publisher of this website).

Invoices are automatically set to recur each year on the date of the first invoice.

Refund policy

It is our hope that all our subscribers will see the value in maintaining a subscription as we constantly update and add new datasets over time, however should wish to cancel a subscription, our refund policy is as follows:

  1. Annual. Refunds may be requested and the amount to be refunded will be based on your subscription tenure. If a refund is requested within the first 0-3 months in your subscription period, the maximum refund is $500; 4-6 months $350; 7-9 months: $200; 10-12 months: nil.
  2. Extra user accounts on Annual subscriptions - no refunds. If you wish to remove some users from your annual subscription, the access will remain until your annual renewal date and the user will not be present on the next invoice.
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Please note: an Urban Melbourne account and access to the Data Portal will only be made available upon receipt of cleared funds.

Your annual subscriptions come with a single user login. If you would like more than one user login to be associated with your annual subscription, please indicate the number of logins you require. Additional user accounts are charged at $75+GST per user per annum.

Urban Melbourne Industry Hub

An Urban Melbourne Industry Hub membership is low-cost brand awareness product which connects your brand to related content on Urban Melbourne.

If your organisation is active in the urban development scene in Melbourne - whether you are a supplier, an architect, a plannner or a financier - then chances are you have worked on a number of projects on the Urban Melbourne Project Database; an Industry Hub membership ensures your brand is connected with your portfolio of work.

Industry Hub memberships fees are levied based on the size of your organisation: Small (1-10 employees) $350+GST per annum, Medium (11-50 employees) $750+GST per annum, Large (51+ employees) $1500+GST per annum.

Industry Hub members receive a 30% discount on Data Portal subscriptions

Urban Melbourne Data Portal Terms & Conditions

Subscribers agree to be bound by the standard Urban Melbourne legal statement as well as the Terms and Conditions as outlined below.

The Urban Melbourne Project Database

The Urban Melbourne Project Database aggregates public domain planning information on medium and high density property development projects from right across the Melbourne metropolitan region.

Urban Melbourne staff gather aforementioned data from both public sources and to the best of Urban Melbourne's ability / where possible, the data is verified from a range of other sources including, but not limited to, stakeholders in development projects.

Individual project listings are updated over the lifecycle of a development project and the availability of certain data attributes is subsequently reliant on a project's status.

Urban Melbourne strive to capture the most up-to-date and accurate data available on development projects irrespective of a project's status within the project's lifecycle, however from time to time listings within the Urban Melbourne Project Database may be missing some data.

The Urban Melbourne Data Portal

The Data Portal is a subscriber-only section of the Urban Melbourne website. Subscribers are granted access to the Data Portal through an Urban Melbourne account. Subscribers agree to not share their account details with any other person.

Urban Melbourne shall not be responsible for any claimed damages, including incidental and consequential damages, which may arise from Urban Melbourne's servers going off-line or being unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

Furthermore Urban Melbourne does not provide any warranty over the accuracy of the data present and displayed in the Project Database and Data Portal.

Urban Melbourne provides the data to subscribers for analytical and research purposes only and subscriber absolves Urban Melbourne of any responsibility for the actions taken by subscribers based on subscriber's own research which may or may not take into account the data which Urban Melbourne supplies.

Subscriber agrees not to replicate the entire Urban Melbourne Project Database on another public web resource and in the case where subscriber may wish to publish research based on Urban Melbourne data, subscriber agrees to state the source of the data as "Urban Melbourne" on the public web.

Subscriber understands and agrees that subscription fees must be paid before any access will be granted to the Data Portal and if subscriber enters arrears - i.e. fails to pay an annual invoice in time before the due date - then Urban Melbourne will immediately revoke access to the Data Portal until such time as all unpaid invoices have been paid and funds are cleared in Alamar AV Communications' bank account.