Seven steps towards selling your home

Seven steps towards selling your home
Marcel DybnerDecember 7, 2020


Is 2015 the year you put your house up for sale?

Whether it’s time to upsize, downsize or simply find a property to better suit you lifestyle, there are few things you should start doing to help you achieve the best possible price.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally

    Selling your home can be very emotional for most people – it could be your first home, the home where your kids grew up or where you lived with a loved one who’s passed away.

    If you are planning on selling your home this year, start thinking of the sale as more of a financial decision than an emotional one. It’s much easier to sell a house than a home.

  2. Do your own research

    The longer you research the market before you decide to sell, the better understanding you'll have of property values in your area. It's always best to have an idea of your properties value before you engage a real estate agent so that you can work together on setting a realistic price expectation.

    Keep an eye out for similar properties and their sale prices, what features appear to be popular and start compiling a list of agents that are getting good results and who've impressed you in their approach and follow up.

  3. Find the right agent

    Finding the right agent can make a huge difference to your selling price and your stress level. Contrary to popular belief, houses don’t sell themselves. You need to find an agent who’ll work hard, communicate well and will achieve the best possible result for you.

    The best way to do this is to spend a few months going to open for inspections and auctions in your area and seeing how each agent operates. Make notes as to which agents presented well, showed the property when they were supposed to, answered questions about the property honestly, followed up with you and kept you updated throughout the sale process.

  4. Touch ups

    If your property is looking a little neglected, it could be worth doing some cosmetic touch ups. A coat of paint, patching up any cracks, cleaning cobwebs and replacing any broken tiles will help make a good first impression to potential buyers.

    There’s no need to completely renovate your property but speak to your agent about any recommendations they may have to help make the best first impression.

  5. Plan your sale campaign

    If you want to sell your house for the best price, you have to make it as easy as possible for potential purchasers to buy your house.

    Scheduling inspection and auctions on public holidays, religious holidays or significant sporting events could keep potential purchasers away. Get your calendar out and plan wisely.

    It might also be worth considering a private sale as opposed to an auction depending on the type of house your selling and the demand for those type of properties at the time.

  6. Style your home

    The presentation of your home can have a big impact on the final selling price.

    Many vendors are now choosing to hire interior designers and stylists to prepare their homes for the sale process. Not only will the house look impressive to everyone who inspects the property, a good stylist will help make your property stand out in all the marketing material and online listings.

    This can be expensive but will usually pay for itself in the final sale price.

  7. Inspections

    Most agents will only show your house once or twice a week. The good agents will want to show your property as soon as they have an enquiry.

    Although this may be a bit more of a distraction to your life, being flexible and always prepared to have your home inspected can help attract more potential buyers.

    It will also give the agent an opportunity to spend more time with buyers if they're avoiding the large weekend crowds.

 is head of property management at the Melbourne-based boutique real estate agency Besser & Co.

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