Tweet of the day: Glenn Stevens' “lovely” speech gets thumbs up

Tweet of the day: Glenn Stevens' “lovely” speech gets thumbs up
Larry SchlesingerDecember 8, 2020

Twitter was unusually abuzz with positivity following Glenn Stevens' speech today about Australia’s status as “The Lucky Country”.

Clearly delighted with the tone and content of Steven’s address, Rismark and Yellow Brick Road’s Christopher Joye (@cjoye) tweeted:


Joye was joined in his praise of the RBA governor by his frequent Twitter sparring partner, Stephen "The Kouk" Koukoulas (@TheKouk) – former Gillard economic adviser and soon-to-be economic scribe for Alan Kohler’s Business Spectator website, who used an unusual adjective (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) to describe his appreciation of the speech:


Self-interested Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan (@SwannyDPM) was so excited about the Stevens' speech, he tweeted not once, but twice to his 20,687 followers, beginning with an attack on the “doomsayers":


Followed by:


It was left to The Age’s Chris Zappone (@chrizap) to restore some bearish balance to the debate. Not surprisingly perhaps, given Melbourne has been the last (and most recent) city to experience the house price downturn, he tweeted:


Larry Schlesinger

Larry Schlesinger was a property writer at Property Observer

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