Tamworth prestige market remains resilient and affordable: HTW

Tamworth prestige market remains resilient and affordable: HTW
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

Compared to its city and coastal cousins, Tamworth is not necessarily known for its prestige property, but there are options for buyers seeking a luxurious place to call home, according to the November report from Herron Todd White.

Unlike large city and many large coastal communities, the price tag on Tamworth’s prestige market is largely considered to be anything over $1 million in close proximity to the CBD, namely located in East Tamworth, or high value smaller rural lifestyle holdings on the city’s fringes.

The prestige property in Tamworth is relatively thinly traded and subject to a degree of short volatility, however given Tamworth’s growing population and importance as a major economic centre in northern New South Wales, we view these assets as being a sound long term investment and the option for a growing family.

Many of Tamworth’s prestige properties feature large renovated double block homes in leafy East Tamworth where shopping and schools are within a five-minute drive. A recent example was the sale of 56 White Street, East Tamworth also known as Kimeree (pictured) which sold on 18 December 2019 for $1.229 million. This is not far above the average Sydney house price!

There have been a number of East Tamworth prestige sales in recent years over the $1 million price point in close proximity to Tamworth’s CBD. More recently there have been fewer high value properties listed on the market and selling periods have increased throughout the COVID pandemic. However regional economies have been very resilient throughout this period and anecdotal evidence is showing a rejuvenation of major regional hubs.

Many areas are experiencing outstanding seasonal conditions for farmers and rural economies continue to help drive Australia out of recession. Interest from city buyers has increased according to many agents across the region with regional prestige property providing value for money and an appealing proposition for those seeking a lifestyle change.

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