NSW government now hiring for building reform agenda

NSW government now hiring for building reform agenda
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson today announced that recruitment is underway for an expert team to deliver on the NSW government’s building reform agenda.

Minister Anderson said the recruitment process within the Office of the NSW Building Commissioner will commence with the hiring of a new Transformation Management team.

With a workforce comprising of up to 15 operational staff, the Transformation Management team will be exclusively dedicated to the delivery of the Government’s six building reform pillars.

“Last year we recruited NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler to overhaul the building and construction industry. Now we’re at the stage we can build our capacity by hiring experienced professionals to support the Commissioners plan and deliver the reforms efficiently and effectively under his leadership,” Mr Anderson said.

In addition to the Transformation Management team, the Minister announced the phased delivery of up to 60 new roles responsible for the implementation and operation of the new auditing, registration and design lodgement functions.

Mr Anderson said, "we are also making progress on the risk ratings tool, which aggregates builder, designer, certifier and developer data to create a risk and compliance profile for each project." 

“Once the risky players are identified, we will ensure the right staff are in place to assist the Building Commissioner in exercising proposed powers to audit any development,” he concluded.

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