Make sure you are marketing your property in the most effective way

Make sure you are marketing your property in the most effective way
Enzo RaimondoDecember 8, 2020

When marketing a property for sale an estate agent will recommend a range of options depending on the property, location and method of sale. As advertising is an outgoing that is paid for by the vendor, it is advisable to have an understanding of the options.

The most cost-effective advertisements are on the internet. Internet advertising is now the primary way most buyers become aware of a property. The internet provides a wealth of information that is not easily included in print advertisements and you can make the advertisements interactive by including video and voice-over to describe a property’s features. If you are having photos taken, ensure that the quality and resolution are such that may be viewed clearly.

Depending on the value of the property, specific websites can also be created for a property.

While print advertisements are still being used, they are less popular than they were a decade ago; however, they have role to play in some markets. Print advertisements appear in local newspapers or magazines and in the weekend metropolitan papers and range from display advertising to simple classified listings.

Most agencies have their own magazines and window displays. As agencies tend to situate themselves in areas with high pedestrian traffic, these options provide a simple and low-cost way of bring the home to the attention of buyers.

And, of course, social media is now being used to market property. It can’t replace methods that have a significantly higher reach but can compliment a campaign.

Finally, an agency’s own database of buyers is a very valuable marketing tool. A good agency will maintain its own list of interested buyers and will market homes directly to them.

With the range of options now available, it is important that sellers work with their agent to produce the most effective marketing campaign possible.

Enzo Raimondo is CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

Enzo Raimondo

Enzo Raimondo is CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

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