HIA encourage government focus on VET sector: HIA's Harley Dale.

HIA encourage government focus on VET sector: HIA's Harley Dale.
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) welcomes the Federal Government’s focus on improving and reforming Australia’s Vocational Education and Training sector.

The VET sector provides the crucial pathway to growing and developing a skilled workforce for the residential building industry, strengthening the industry’s capacity to provide a roof over Australian’s heads. The benefits of a strong residential building industry have always flowed onto support the broader economy.

Guided by the Joyce Report into Australia’s VET sector, HIA’s is looking forward to the Federal Government engaging in a comprehensive consultation and review process.

Any steps to improve the operation of vocational education and training can hopefully enhance the interest of students in pursuing a career in the residential building industry.

HIA has provided comments this week to the Review of Australia’s Apprenticeship National Skills Needs List and we look forward to engaging with the Government in discussing positive ways forward for VET and its role in training our industry’s workforce.

Cooperation and consultation are the keys to walking a successful reform path. This must include the federal government, state and territory governments, industry, business and employers working collaboratively and building on COAG’s August commitment.

HIA looks forward to continuing a close engagement with all relevant parties to ensure the training pathways available to enter the residential building industry are clear and enticing.

HARLEY DALE is the HIA Executive Director – Skills and Industry Development

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