Dexus shoots back at competitor after criticism

Dexus shoots back at competitor after criticism
Staff ReporterDecember 7, 2020

Real estate investment trust company Dexus has issued a response to criticism that two of its subsidiaries exhibited “unreasonable and disappointing” behaviour that led to the administration of competitor Grocon’s subsidiaries.

Grocon's subsidiaries took Dexus to court in February this year to set aside statutory demands from Dexus to pay its alleged debts.

The two companies have historically had a rocky relationship, with legal disputes over finances spilling into the public eye in recent months.

In the response, Dexus asserts that;

1) Grocon has had debts outstanding to Dexus and a funds management partner for more than three years relating to a lease of premises at 480 Queen Street, Brisbane.

2) Grocon entered into several binding agreements to repay the debt owed and had not complied with these, despite repeated requests to do so and Dexus granting extensions to the scheduled payment dates.

3) Dexus issued statutory demands on Grocon seeking to have the debt paid and Grocon challenged these in court alleging abuse of process. It should be noted that Dexus did not commence proceedings against Grocon.

4) Dexus is following, and intends to continue to follow, the court’s direction (next hearing is scheduled before the Federal Court of Appeal on 22 November 2019). Dexus expects judgment to be handed down soon after the hearing.

5) The outcome of this process has no negative impact on Dexus’s market guidance1 for the 12 months ending 30 June 2020 to deliver distribution per security growth of circa 5%.




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