Deadline looms on Significant Investor Visa reform: Atlas Advisors Guy Hedley

Deadline looms on Significant Investor Visa reform: Atlas Advisors Guy Hedley
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020


A top fund manager for some of Australia’s most wealthy future Chinese citizens, Atlas Advisors Australia, is urging the Australian Government to improve the Significant Investor Visa industry regime to encourage greater investment into the nation.

Executive Chairman of Atlas Advisors Australia, Guy Hedley said he supported the Australian Government’s review of Investor visas and Significant Investor visas as part of its “Business Innovation and Investment Program: Getting a better deal for Australia” inquiry.

“The Federal Government is working hard to maximise the opportunities and benefits to Australia from the program,” Mr Hedley said.

“The best way to achieve this is through ongoing collaboration with key industry participants after the public consultation period for the inquiry closes on February 14.”

Mr Hedley urged the Australian Government to stay committed to the SIV program and to increase incentives for applicants. 

“Tweaks to improve the system could include extending the significant investor visa period from four years to five years which would equate to a 20 per cent increase in economic benefit without changing the asset mix,” he said.

“Alternatively, investors riskier exposure to emerging companies and venture capital could be increased with a reduced visa period of three years rather than four years.”

Mr Hedley said it was critical to remember that SIV applicants were future citizens who were pouring millions into the Australian economy without any certainty about their applications.

“This is boosting local businesses and funding startups in important areas such as health and technology as well as lifting Australian exports, employment and international trade connections,” he said.

Atlas Advisors Australia manages the investments of many of the highest net worth Chinese investors into Australia with more than $1.7 billion of funds under management.

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