Andrew Winter seeking more difficult houses to sell for forthcoming season of Selling Houses Australia

Andrew Winter seeking more difficult houses to sell for forthcoming season of Selling Houses Australia
Jonathan ChancellorDecember 8, 2020

Television property expert Andrew Winter, from the Lifestyle Channel’s award-winning show Selling Houses Australia, is seeking vendor participants for the upcoming sixth series.

His brutal honesty can be confronting at first, but Winter’s property knowledge can yield results for those languishing listings with the help of high-profile interior designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone.

Whether it’s a home with an enormous power pylon in the front yard, a flood-ravaged house, or just bursting with clutter, Winter always has a plan to lure the buyers.

Some are the tried and tested real estate fundamentals plus a few new ones thrown in when dealing with homes with termites or damp, dodgy renovations, or historic homes under strict regulations.

Covering houses plagued by difficult neighbours, tough divorces that add pressure to the sale, or just a tricky easement, the Selling Houses Australia team has transformed 50 of Australia’s hardest to sell properties.

It is now seeking 10 more to add to that list.

“This season we will be seeking diversity, whether that is evident in the house, the location, or the situation of the seller,” Winter told Property Observer.

“We know we live in a complex housing market, right now some places are booming, others are barely ticking along or at a complete standstill,” he adds.

Selling Houses began on Britain's Channel 4 amid the property boom in 2002 when Winter, then a London real estate agent, was plucked from obscurity finding a receptive audience as far away as in Australia on Foxtel.

After six seasons in Britain, Winter, his wife, Caroline, and their three daughters emigrated to Australia, settling in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Selling Houses Australia made its debut in 2008.

Submissions are welcome from home owners – singles, couples or families – experiencing difficulties selling their homes, which have been stuck on the market for months with little interest. Vendors are typically asked to make a financial contribution towards the revamp in its presentation.

Selling Houses Australia can be contacted through Bec Pullman at Beyond Productions on 02 9437 2000.

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Jonathan Chancellor

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