DomaCom Sapphire Wind Farm co-investment opportunity closes this month

DomaCom Sapphire Wind Farm co-investment opportunity closes this month
DomaCom Sapphire Wind Farm co-investment opportunity closes this month

CWP Renewables and Partners Group are pioneering Australia’s first, large-scale, public, community investment into a utility-scale wind farm.

The Sapphire Wind Farm Community Co-investment allows investment in the Sapphire Wind Farm in the New England district.

At 270MW it is the largest wind farm in New South Wales. The energy generated by the Sapphire Wind Farm is enough to power around 115,000 homes and to displace 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

DomaCom, who has partnered with developers CWP Renewables and Partners Group, are closing applications for the co-investment initiative of Sapphire Wind Farm in rural New South Wales at the end of the month.

The Sapphire Wind Farm, in Kingsland is an Australian first for its community co-investment.

Initially the opportunity, closing June 30 was only made available for those in the local community, however building on the success of the campaign, the developers extended the initiative to all residents from NSW and the ACT.

Over $7.4 million of pledges were made by community members interested in investing throughout 2017/2018.

DomaCom's fractional property platform allows small investors alongside institutional investors.

The platform allows multiple investors to aggregate their investments into an asset, typically a real estate asset, but now also renewable energy projects.

Andrew Dickson at CWP Renewables, the company behind constructing the wind farm, said DomaCom is a great fit for the community co-investment initiative.

"Their online platform makes it very easy for people to establish and manage their investment," Dickson said, adding that after testing the community's interest late last year, he was surprised with the level of interest."

The project is projected to have a return of 6% which Andrew said, "represents a good investment... better than the bank."

A minimum investment of $1,250 is required (maximum investment of $200,000).

The latest fund raising seeks $3 million of pledges.

Ross Laidlaw from DomaCom said, "the Sapphire Wind Farm Community Fund is a clear demonstration of the vision of DomaCom taking large institutional assets and breaking them down into fractional components to allow retail investors to obtain exposure to an asset class not previously available.”

Construction of the wind farm began in January, and the final turbine was installed in October. 

100MW of the wind farm's capacity has been contracted to the ACT government, as part of the Territory’s 100 per cent renewable target for 2020.

Another 50MW of the project’s capacity was contracted to renewable energy retailer Flow Power, which has now sealed a deal with the Sydney Opera House.

Under that deal, the Opera House will buy 16 gigawatt hours of wind and solar output a year from both Sapphire and the Bomen solar farm, also located in NSW.

For more information on DomaCom click here.

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