Dr Chris and Cindy Aubrey - surgical assistants and Ironfish customers

Dr Chris and Cindy Aubrey - surgical assistants and Ironfish customers
Dr Chris and Cindy Aubrey - surgical assistants and Ironfish customers

“There’s lots of companies that are just wanting to make money. They basically just tell you whatever’s on their books is the right thing to buy. So, it’s hard to find someone you can trust. 

“What we liked about Ironfish is that they’re a company that educates and takes on board your whole financial situation and goals, not just your ability to access funds to purchase property. There’s heaps of events and education sessions that help improve your general financial IQ as well.” 

Dr Chris and Cindy Aubrey - surgical assistants and Ironfish customers 


  • Brisbane based medical specialists
  • Experienced investors who were lacking a clear goal
  • Purchased 3 properties with Ironfish
  • 9 investment properties in total

Not really ‘property investors’

Chris and Cindy Aubrey are Surgical Assistants working in multiple private hospitals in Brisbane. Originally from far north Queensland, Chris and Cindy moved to Brisbane for work, and have a young family of 2 kids, aged 2 and 4. Prior to investing with Ironfish, they already owned 4 investment properties which are scattered around Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, along with a Victorian property in their SMSF.

“We wouldn’t have called ourselves ‘property investors’ though. We had a couple of investment properties because we didn’t know what else to do with our money and we thought property was a good vehicle!

“After investing with Ironfish we really started to look into financial education, and at that point get into property investment a little bit more as a passion and with a clear goal.”

Finding someone you can trust

Apart from 2 out of their 9 properties, Chris and Cindy’s investments were purchased through a company. Chris and Cindy’s main challenge before investing with us, was finding a company they could trust.

“We’ve had experiences with other property companies where they’ve sold us a property and left us. With Ironfish, we don’t feel like we’ve just been ‘sold to’. We hear from our strategist Linna regularly, not only to help us review our current portfolio but also to invite us to events and education sessions. There’s always lots to learn.”

Knowing what you want

Chris and Cindy had a chat with our Brisbane based strategist, Linna Reakes, who listened to what they wanted to achieve and also invited them to come along to some Ironfish events and property investment seminars.

“We’ve been to a few events and they’re really good, especially Joseph. He’s a great speaker. What we got out of those events was that it starts with the mindset, it starts with goal setting – which is not what we did initially in our property journey. We leapt into it without knowing what we wanted out of it. Now we have a clear goal; we are aiming to replace enough of our income so we don’t have to work so hard and can spend more time with the kids while they’re still young.”

Dr Chris and Cindy Aubrey - surgical assistants and Ironfish customers

Property selection

Chris and Cindy were very specific about what types of property they were targeting when they talked to Linna.

“We told Linna we were looking for house & land, and she helped us acquire a package located in South East Queensland which met our criteria. We also purchased 2 other units in Brisbane, which provide good cash flow and are good quality builds that are going to hold their value. Credit to Linna to understanding what we wanted and showing us what she thought was suitable.”

The importance of follow up

While the performance of the property is important, Chris and Cindy agree that ongoing service and support is what makes a real difference.

“We’ve had good and bad experiences with different companies. We can look back and see which properties have done well and which haven’t; that weighs in on deciding if we’re going to invest with them again.

“But it’s also about communication and follow up. Companies mostly make their money on the event of a sale, but if they have good after-sale service we’re more likely to go with them again. And that’s what we appreciate about Ironfish. There’s good follow up; Linna is great, and the property management service has been good, no problems at all. We’re very happy with the care we’re getting as customers and in our portfolio management. And now that we’ve built a decent portfolio, we’re looking at managing that over the long term.”

Chris and Cindy’s property investment tips:

  1. Focus on your own education. We go to seminars, we have mentors and ask lots of questions. Don’t pay attention to mainstream media, look for reports from reputable sources.
  2. Get yourself a good team of people. We have a financial planner, accountant and mortgage broker – this is something we picked up from Ironfish. In the past 5 years, we’ve changed our accountant and planner to find people who understand and help us achieve our goals. That’s made a huge difference. For example, from an accounting perspective in structuring your properties: you may pay for advice upfront, but it could save you thousands down the track.
  3. Start with ‘why?’ Set a goal for why you’re investing in property and what you want to achieve out of it before you leap in.
  4. Consider the benefits of investing in new or off-the-plan property. We initially just fell into this type of investment, but we’ve since learned about the tax depreciation advantages. And also, depending on the area, new home starts are a sign of potential growth in an area. We now have 9 properties, half house & land, half apartment. Most are new properties.
  5. Look at each of your properties as a business. We haven’t even set foot in any of our investment properties. We’ve got friends who’ve not bought based on a property having a colour of paint they didn’t like. Don’t let emotion sway your decision making. Let the numbers make the decision.


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