How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life

How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life
How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life


“My one bedroom investment property created more wealth in 3 years, than I could have saved in 13 years in my career. At this point, I realised I needed to take property investment very seriously. Because just one property purchase had changed the course of my life.”

How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life


  • Former graphic designer/account director and Ironfish customer
  • Career change into property investment
  • 8 investment properties, 5 purchased through Ironfish
  • Rent-vestor

That one property purchase

Bruce has been with Ironfish for nearly 3 years and is a senior Strategist as well as being part of the leadership team in the Ironfish Burwood office.

Prior to joining us, Bruce enjoyed a successful 13-year career in the design industry, starting out as a graphic designer and moving on to account management when (as he says quite matter-of-factly) he discovered his talent and love for working with people far outweighed any natural creative genius! At around the same time as making this switch, Bruce and his wife Evelyn, also decided to buy their first investment property: a one-bedroom second-hand apartment in Stanmore, a suburb in Sydney’s inner west. A decision which turned out to be life-changing.

“The amount of wealth my one-bedroom investment property in Stanmore created for me was about 10 times more than I could have saved in my career for the past 13 years. I knew then that I needed to get involved with property – initially that was by becoming a more active property investor, and eventually, this put me on the path to joining Ironfish as well.”

Why I decided to buy property with Ironfish

After Stanmore, Bruce and Evelyn purchased two off-the-plan apartments in Parramatta through a different company, and after two years, when they had built some equity across all 3 properties, they agreed to meet with Ironfish Burwood Strategists Yusi and Haibin to consider further investment options.

“I’ve bought from our ‘competitors’, I’ve bought from traditional real estate agents, and what I’ve found is that most people are quite transaction focussed, and there is very little contact after you’ve bought your property.

“When Yusi and Haibin came to our place, it was a very different type of service. Initially I was still thinking from a transactional view as well, and wanted to just quickly view properties and move on. But before they would show me any properties, they first asked me questions like: ‘What are you going to do in the next 10 – 15 years?’ ‘What are your dreams?’ ‘What are the things you want to pursue in life?’ And a big one, which we had never considered: ‘How can you ensure you can continue the lifestyle you enjoy now, in the event that one or both of you needs to stop working?’ What I learned from our first meeting was that Ironfish Strategists were different; they were not focused on the transaction, they truly cared about my future and about building wealth for my family.”

How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life

Bruce and his wife Evelyn, with their Strategists Yusi and Haibin

A cut above

While Bruce was impressed with the service and ethos of Ironfish Strategists, he and his wife also fell in love with the properties. On their second meeting, they decided to buy two properties: one apartment in Brisbane (The Melbourne Residences) and one in Melbourne (Aurora).

“The quality of the properties and the locations of those properties were a cut above anything else I’d seen out there. For example, we bought a one-bedroom apartment in ‘Aurora’ for $397,000. Aurora is built on top of Melbourne’s central station, and is the only building in Australia with direct lift access down into the train station and shopping centre below. Imagine if a luxurious skyscraper was built on top of the QVB – that was the kind of building we’d managed to buy into. And I always thought that you needed to be a millionaire or have special connections to get into those developments. The fact that Ironfish could offer me a property like that made me think this company has a lot going for it!”

Paying the price

Shortly after their purchase, Yusi invited Bruce along to one of Joseph’s half day seminars – which set him on his path to a new career.

How one property purchase changed the course of someone's life

“Travel to all the fabulous places around the world” – A page out of Bruce and Evelyn’s dream-book

“I was extremely impressed and inspired by Joseph, and I knew immediately that he was someone I wanted to learn from. There was one thing he said that sticks with me to this day. He said: ‘First, you decide what it is you want from life, secondly, ask yourself what price you have to pay to achieve it, and thirdly, pay the price.’ I went home and asked my wife that question: ‘What do you want to achieve in life?’

“We sat down and made ourselves a ‘dream-board’ with pictures of everything we wanted for ourselves and those around us. At the end of the day, I really believe in the law of attraction. I knew that joining Ironfish, talking to successful investors and entrepreneurs like Joseph or [Burwood MD] Linda everyday would help us get to where we wanted to go – and that staying in our current jobs wasn’t going to be adequate. So, my wife and I both made the decision to resign from our jobs and came onboard with Ironfish. It has completely transformed our lives – not just financially, but mentally – how we look at life and perceive things. I can safely say it’s the best decision we’ve ever made!”

After joining the Ironfish team, Bruce has since purchased a further 3 investment properties diversified across multiple cities, and has helped nearly 100 customers invest in the Australian property market. Bruce’s next investment is likely to be a house and land package in South East Queensland.

Bruce’s property investment tips:

  • Buying an investment property rather than a home to live in may help accelerate your ability to build wealth – so it’s worth considering if this is more of a priority to you than immediate lifestyle demands.
  • Build a successful team with the sole purpose of protecting and building your wealth, e.g. a successful property professional, a mortgage broker who knows the ins and outs of financing structures, an accountant who can help you with tax minimisation, lawyer who can identify clauses that might put you at disadvantage in your purchases.
  • No market is perfect, no market is certain. As an investor, be prudent and diversify and look at where the bigger picture lies. If an area has good scope for population growth, infrastructure spending and employment, and the property is high quality and you can service it comfortably, then I have the confidence to recommend my customers get into any market – whether it’s a peak market like Sydney, or an up and coming market like Perth.

Bruce Guan is a senior property investment strategist at Ironfish.

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