How do Ironfish select properties to invest in

How do Ironfish select properties to invest in
How do Ironfish select properties to invest in


Ironfish provides VIP property opportunities with pre-negotiated deals on apartments, townhouses and house & land packages across Australia.

We are highly selective of the properties we introduce to our investors and every Ironfish approved property has been through a rigorous due diligence process.

VIP and Pre-Public Opportunities
Ironfish approved properties are carefully selected, extensively researched and pre-negotiated. As one of Australia’s largest investor networks, Ironfish investors receive preferential access to many of Australia’s premium properties before public release.

Detailed Research
Ironfish searches nationally for premium investment opportunities in the most dynamic locations, with strong growth potential. Our comprehensive selection process includes specific selection formulas for houses, apartments and townhouses.

Quality Properties
Investors don’t have to waste time sifting through inferior investment opportunities: Ironfish rejects the majority of properties it analyses. Astute investors know many of the best new properties are offered to the general public only after other VIP purchasers. We work exclusively with leading developers with a strong track record of delivering quality properties in great locations.

Turnkey Investments
Ironfish coordinates everything required for a property’s long-term success and ease of management so that properties are turnkey and as hassle-free as possible.

Which property selection process is best for you?
Our approach differs significantly to the average investor strategy. We recommend investors accumulate a portfolio of different types of property that includes a mix of convenience-focused properties (apartments) and land-focused properties  (houses and townhouses).

At Ironfish, two of our overall strategies include: “infill” which generally refers to filling a little gap within an established suburb and “urban renewal” areas. Consider suburbs like Rhodes or Victoria Park in Sydney: if you compare these suburbs today to 15 years ago, you can see the dramatic changes that have taken place.

Beyond location, it’s also about selecting the right development. Major factors we consider include transport, convenience for tenants and future owners, employment and lifestyle factors.

After that it comes down to the quality of the development; we want to make sure that the property appeals to a high calibre tenant and has strong future owner occupier appeal.  I.e. who is going to pay a lot more money for this property in the future? And this has to do with who is the developer, what’s their experience and a lot of what we call – “off-market intel” – we’ve been in the market a long time, we’re looking for opportunities that other people don’t have.


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