Futurespace designs PwC’s new Barangaroo office space

Futurespace designs PwC’s new Barangaroo office space
Futurespace designs PwC’s new Barangaroo office space

PwC has unveiled its new offices in Barangaroo Tower One.

Designed by leading architectural firm, Futurespace, PwC will have four entire floors dedicated to working with clients, known as the Client Collaboration Floors.

Angela Ferguson, Futurespace managing director said these new client spaces put PwC so far ahead of the curve when it comes to how business will be done in the future.

“The role of physical space in facilitating both virtual and face-to-face connection cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to client relationships," she said.

“Because of this we will begin to see more emphasis placed on client spaces within the office environment, and the role they play in co-creation, creating new staff and client connections and cementing important business and community relationships.

“The underlying goal of this project was to create interactive spaces where PwC clients and people could come together to solve important problems, innovate and create new ideas.

“The architecture blends intuitively with technology to create an unparalleled client experience not seen anywhere else in the world.

Futurespace designs PwC’s new Barangaroo office space

"The four levels include an impressive selection of diverse open and closed meeting spaces, co-creation and workshop areas, conferencing, dining and food and beverage options as well as areas for quiet work or relaxation – all integrated seamlessly with advanced technology.

“It was all about making sure that we created something that supports the variety and diversity of our clients.

Debra Eckersley, PwC’s New Ways of Working Partner said they did this by looking outside the industry to create a new benchmark in client experience.

“Our aim was to put our clients at the heart of everything we do,” she said.

This new approach disrupts the traditional boardroom mentality of client interactions, bringing about a more open and collaborative working experience.

The design stylishly combines the elements of a high-end hospitality service model, hotel aesthetics and amenities, interactive retail environments, immersive and signature technology, and tech-sector co-creation models in a way that has never been seen before.

The four Client Collaboration levels are interconnected by a central staircase that fixes the spaces both vertically and horizontally, incorporating viewing platforms so you become immersed in each space as you traverse the levels.

“The four-storey staircase is the centrepiece of our commitment to a new openness, and a real willingness to seed spontaneous encounters.

“Plenty of serendipitous moments have already happened on the stairs, much as they do in any thriving community,” explains Ms Eckersley.

"PwC’s new spaces are anchored in advanced technology designed to enhance the client experience.

"For instance, running vertically through all four floors is an interactive ‘waterfall’ – a moving graphic touch screen with a cascading stream of digital insights enabling clients to find out more information about PwC experts, strategies and projects.

"Clients are also assisted by ‘Media Fountains’ on each level, interactive digital directories providing information on rooms and facilities within PwC, opportunities to participate in polls as well as amenities in the surrounding Barangaroo area.

“The level of technology embedded into these client spaces is unsurpassed.

Futurespace designs PwC’s new Barangaroo office space

“From impressive interactive screens, to clever tech enabled furniture designed specifically for this project, the idea was to use technology has an enhancement to the overall experience of doing business with PwC.

“What PwC has achieved with the new approach to client spaces will pave the way for how businesses think about their client relationship dynamic.

“Since technology now allows us to work from anywhere, the importance of physical spaces and their role in fostering relationships and collaboration has only increased.

“It will be the organisations, like PwC, that understand and can leverage this that will succeed into the future."

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