An investment property you’ll want to live in

An investment property you’ll want to live in
An investment property you’ll want to live in


DPN has launched a range of architecturally designed investment homes, including a dual income property, to be built to a standard that rivals or surpasses owner-occupied homes. 

One of the common issues property investors have when purchasing is that they end up buying a property they don’t actually like.

In an ideal world, investors would buy properties they want to live in. However, more often than not, investors buy houses that are ageing mutton dressed as lamb. This is not through choice but what’s on the market. Perhaps the house has a hideously outdated kitchen, thin layers of paint hiding decades of mould or poorly designed living spaces. Or, as is often the case, they’re project homes, quickly knocked out without thought to form or function.

Investors see these far too often.

Yet it has clearly shown that a high quality, highly livable property will always be a better investment bet for attracting renters. There are a few simple reasons for this. If you love and enjoy the space you live in, you’ll stay there for the long term. This means rental stability. The better the quality home means a better quality renter. Renters who are happy living in a property are more likely to take care of it.

"Renters who are happy living in a property are more likely to take good care of it and stay longer."

Introducing DPN's architecturally designed investment properties

This may sound obvious, yet what has long been missing is a product that can weave together a good liveable environment with one that maximises capital returns. But this has all changed. DPN has created an innovative property that pulls off the rare trick of pleasing both the investor and the renter. It’s called the DPN Casa series. DPN Casa is a range of investment homes that are architecturally designed to a standard that rivals and even surpasses owner-occupied homes. Included in the DPN range is a Designer Series 5 bedroom home and a Dual Income home.

DPN Casa also has owner-occupiers interested offering a boutique alternative to a project home at an affordable price. Owner-occupiers can build DPN Casa properties on their own land.

"What makes these properties stand out is the meticulous thought that has gone into the design. Over two years of careful research and work was spent with architects to come up with a designed home that is universally attractive."

What differentiates them from other project homes on the market?

DPN’s Director of Property, Sean Blattman, explains: “Clean lines, efficient use of space and loads of natural light. Large stacking glazed doors and an excellent interface between indoors and outdoors make them very distinctive from what you find out there. The form and functions of the designs are second to none.”

An investment property you’ll want to live in 

DPN Casa: Dual Income.  One Property.Two Rents™

DPN Casa includes within its range a dual income home.

It’s a sophisticated architectural design that allows for two self-contained residences on the same block of land.  They function as two entirely separate and private dwellings and use the space superbly. These homes are often cash-flow positive by a significant amount from day one of tenancy.

The key point to remember is the painstaking time and effort that has gone into creating these designs. It has also been thought out in terms of a holistic journey for both the renter and the investor. Blattman explains:

“The finished home should complete the property investment journey for a DPN customer. It’s the culmination of a customer experience that begins from the first contact they have with DPN to arranging finance, construction of the home, having it tenanted, then looking forward to the next purchase.”

The homes all come with the usual building guarantees and warranties that are important for project homes. However, this product goes even further to ensure peace of mind. Blattman points out: “We also provide a fixed priced guarantee - that the price will not increase during construction and that everything included is ready for rental, with no surprise costs. DPN also work with builders that provide a fixed build time with liquidated damages if the home is not delivered on time. This varies from 16 - 26 weeks.”

The DPN Dual Income homes can be built in New South Wales and Queensland at this stage, although our coverage is expanding. DPN Dual Income homes are available as a house and land package or as a build on your own land subject to meeting site survey requirements.

An investment property you’ll want to live in

DPN Casa: Designer Series 5 bedroom home

Visually, the home looks stunning. It has a beautiful flow, uses natural light to its absolute best effect and has an exquisite design that remains efficient in terms of its size. A clever use of space means that although the home is technically using the blueprint of a 4 bedroom house, you end up with a five bedroom home and an additional living area - for a similar price. 

A recent Domain survey found that 71% of Australian renters identify the number of bedrooms in a rental property as one of the most important factors in selecting a home. Ample storage also ranked ninth on the must-have list. The DPN Designer 5 bedroom home has all this and more.

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