2017 Tax time checklist for property investors

2017 Tax time checklist for property investors
2017 Tax time checklist for property investors


Be prepared and knowledgeable about year-end tax deductions for your Investment Property. This checklist will help make the end of the financial year smoother.

It’s the end of financial year, which, for some means a mad scramble for paperwork. Even if you’ve been proactively monitoring your expenses and tax deductible claims, this checklist should make the year-end smoother for all property investors.

Tax deductible property expenses include:

  • Property management fees and expenses
  • Professional commissions and fees
  • Rental marketing expenses
  • Body corporate fees and charges
  • Council rate
  • Land tax
  • Water supply charges
  • Building, contents and public liability insurance
  • Cleaning
  • Garden and lawn maintenance

Repairs and maintenance – specifically, the cost of work undertaken to remedy defects in, damage to or deterioration of the property. Repairs include fixing electrical appliances or replacing storm damaged roofing or guttering for instance. Examples of maintenance deductions are things that will prevent future deterioration or address existing issues, such as painting the interior and exterior, or keeping the plumbing in good order. These are distinct from capital expenses (i.e. a renovation) – which would need to be depreciated.

Loan Interest expenses - incurred as a direct result of: the purchase of a rental property, the purchase of a depreciating asset for the rental property (eg. new dishwasher), cost of repairs, financing renovations for your rental premises or the acquisition of land on which to build rental accommodation.

Prepaid loan interest – you can also claim interest you’ve pre-paid up to 12 months in advance. This can be a useful way to bring a tax deduction forward into the current tax year if you have a particularly high-earning year that pushes you into the next tax bracket.

Claiming a tax deduction on loan interest

It’s important to note with regard to interest related deductions, if you use a portion of your loan for any private purpose, such as buying a new car, you cannot claim interest on that portion of the loan.

No Longer Tax Deductible: Investor Travel Perks

While the government asserted it would leave negative gearing entitlements untouched prior to this year’s federal budget announcement, they did wind back one significant tax perk: travel expense claims related to rental assets.

Whereas it used to be possible to claim travel expenses when visiting a rental property (even interstate) this is no longer the case.

This information is of general nature and should not be considered financial advice. DPN recommends you see your Accountant or Financial Advisor to understand how this information applies to your situation.

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