CASE STUDY: How to invest in property while renting

CASE STUDY: How to invest in property while renting
CASE STUDY: How to invest in property while renting


As a professional writer, Bianca is no stranger to the occasional plot change.

With a long history in the performing arts; from dancing at the Atlanta Olympic Games Closing Ceremony with the Bangarra Dance Company (at just thirteen years of age); studying at one of Australia’s most prestigious acting schools, The Actors Centre Australia; to penning and producing her own comedic television pilot, Coulda Gone Pro – she didn’t exactly have property investing at the forefront of her mind.

However, after extensive travels pursuing her creative ventures that saw her setting up shop in Dublin, LA and London, Bianca felt it was time to settle down.

Now back in Sydney working as a Senior Copywriter for an international beauty company, while freelancing for Fairfax Media as a health and wellness writer, Bianca contemplated options to set herself up for the future. She was always aware of the traditional ideal of ‘security’: buying a home to live in. However, with a creative spirit and a love of travel, this didn’t seem like the right option. In addition, once Bianca crunched the numbers, they spoke for themselves. 

The dream of owning your own home used to mean living in it too. Not for Bianca, she is one of a new breed of investor, the 'rentvestor'. She has the freedom to live where she likes while her property investment pays a weekly income and continues to appreciate.

Bianca shares, “I didn’t want to commit to paying off a mortgage that left me with no money to enjoy life, when I could rent a great apartment within my budget, and still have my finances working for me. 

I was aware of property investing, and had been contemplating my options for some time. Although I had seen friends and family invest, and was now in a financial position to do so myself, I was still apprehensive. 

Being a first-time investor, there was a fear of the unknown because it was all new to me, so I kept putting it off as I didn’t want to lose all my money.” 

As the plot of Bianca’s story progressed, she took the plunge and consulted with DPN’s David Khalil. “David did the initial consultation. He was extremely thorough and tremendously patient, taking the time to clarify every detail and answer a myriad of questions.

“Ultimately, what spurred me on was that property investment could help me reach financial freedom.”

What finally encouraged Bianca to go ahead and invest, was that she saw David Khalil using the strategy personally – to great financial reward. Bianca points out: “The proof is in the pudding. The fact that Dave actually follows the strategies himself, gave me a lot of confidence. He wasn’t just telling me what to do; he had invested his own money, and followed the exact same strategies with impressive success.” 

Ultimately, what spurred her on was how she could see that property investment could one day help her reach financial freedom.  

DPN presented Bianca with a property investment solution 

David alerted Bianca to a house and land package in Currans Hill South-Western Sydney, a suburb of Manooka Valley, which had just become available. It is an area that DPN had identified as having excellent capital growth. In addition, the home was the DPN Casa Second Dual Income – two houses on the same block. The property not only boasts a family-friendly four-bedroom home, but also a chic two-bedroom house. Bianca says she “jumped on it right away” when it was presented to her. DPN assisted in getting a mortgage and recommended property managers.

A Dual Income property that pays two rents

The dual income property allows Bianca to enjoy the passive income from the second home, as well as the remarkable capital growth. The purchase price was $659,961 in Sept 2014, and is now valued at $840,000 in June 2017. That’s a sizeable increase of $180,039 in three years. On top of that, Bianca receives $890 per week in rental income. That works out at a 7 percent rental yield, significantly higher than the average for the suburb. 

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CASE STUDY: How to invest in property while renting

"That's a 7 percent rental yield, significantly higher than the average for the suburb." 

So, she is enjoying a positive rental yield with the extra bite of the cherry in strong capital growth. “I’m very happy with my investment. I purchased before the area skyrocketed, and got a lot of bang for my buck.” 

Both Bianca’s brother and sister have also invested with DPN; with her brother so inspired by her success, that he invested in a Brisbane property.

Today, Bianca is a Senior Creative for a leading advertising agency, while occasionally getting back to her performance roots with presenting appearances on Seven’s ‘The Morning Show’, and Nine’s ‘Today’. Renting by the beach, Bianca enjoys seaside life while watching her investments grow.

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