What is the way of the future for commercial property?

What is the way of the future for commercial property?
What is the way of the future for commercial property?


It comes as no surprise that Australians are spending more time online than ever before. But as technology becomes even more entrenched in everyday life, how and where are we spending that time?

Recent data shows our web habits are changing rapidly as our devices become faster and smarter, with print readerships now in significant decline and more consumers looking to digital as their first source of news and information. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the commercial property space.

Online explosion

Global information firm Nielsen, in its latest Digital Landscape Report, reveals the average Aussie user spent a whopping 72 hours surfing the web in January. That's a whole three days online per person, with an astounding 19.7 million Australians actively surfing online.

“Consumers are increasingly connected online, both in and out of the home,' says Nielsen consumer insights associate director Kate Kopczynski. “Whether they are grocery shopping, watching sport, studying, commuting to work or connecting with friends — these are no longer purely offline experiences.”

Commercial property at the forefront

Nowhere is the online medium's growing dominance better illustrated than on realcommercial.com.au, which has recorded staggering year-on-year growth in the number of users on phones and tablets. People used a phone 997,000 times to access listings on realcommercial.com.au in March this year – a 144 percent year-on-year increase – while more than 218,000 users accessed realcommercial.com.au on a tablet – a 56 percent jump on March last year.

Mobile phones now make up 42 percent of realcommercial.com.au visits alone, and this stunning growth is set to gain further pace as print readerships continue to fall away.

The way of the future

The pace of Australia's digital transformation is such that the landscape is now barely recognisable from where it was just a few years ago. Today, the latest advancements in the commercial property space are centered on technology that knows buyers and consumers better than they know themselves.

Gone are days of sifting through hundreds of properties in a newspaper or online – now it's less about consumers finding the right listings and more about the right listings finding consumers.

This type of 'artificial intelligence', new to the commercial property industry, is designed to put buyers' and sellers' eyes on more of the properties they're interested in, and will forever redefine what it means to list a commercial property online. Watch this space for two exciting realcommercial.com.au products set to change the way we market commercial property.

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ABOUT REALCOMMERCIAL.COM.AU: realcommercial.com.au is the leading website in Australia for commercial property, attracting an average of 1.7 million visitors a month (Source: Nielsen Online Market Intelligence, Total Traffic, average calculation May-July 2015, includes app traffic from Omniture Site Catalyst as Nielsen doesn’t report on app). It is owned and operated by realestate.com.au Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ASX-listed REA Group Limited ACN 068 349 066 (ASX:REA).

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