Mirvac's headquarters in Sydney receives WELL certification for healthy workplace

Mirvac's headquarters in Sydney receives WELL certification for healthy workplace
Mirvac's headquarters in Sydney receives WELL certification for healthy workplace

Mirvac’s headquarters at EY Centre, 200 George Street, Sydney has just received a GOLD certification from the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), for the building’s features that takes into account the well-being of its occupants. 

The WELL Building Standard measures, certifying, and monitors the performance of a building’s features that focuses primarily on the health and well-being of occupants.

Mirvac’s headquarters has also achieved a 6 Star Green Star Interior rating, further contributing to the sustainable credentials of the building, according to a media release.

Mirvac’s CEO and managing director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, said, "We are extremely proud to have achieved the first GOLD WELL Certification in Australia for our headquarters.

“We aspire to set the benchmark for innovative, healthy workplaces in Australia.”

Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman and CEO of IWBI, presented Mirvac with the certification recently.

“I could not be prouder to be in Australia this week and have the opportunity to personally present a WELL Gold plaque to Mirvac for its 200 George Street Project. 

Mirvac has given architectural form to the health and well-being focus of WELL… putting humans at the centre of its design decisions, the Mirvac team has underscored how building science and bio science can work seamlessly together to deliver a higher level of health and well-being."

The certification is secured by achieving credits across seven categories including air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. 

Some of the features to achieve these credits within Mirvac’s workplace at 200 George Street include:

  • Fitness

A health and wellness educational seminar series is held in Mirvac’s headquarters in which health professionals educate staff on health and wellbeing;

Pilates classes are held in the office once a week; and

A wellness library with a range of health and wellbeing literature is hosted online for all employees.

  • Air

SAMBA sensors throughout the tenancy monitor air quality and create the optimal indoor air quality for employees; and

Air pollution removal, proper ventilation and air filtration are all important aspects Mirvac is implementing to maintain air quality.

  • Water

Safe and clean drinking water is provided through proper filtration methods. It is also accessible 30 meters from regularly occupied spaces to encourage hydration.

  • Nourishment

Mirvac’s internal café, The Song Kitchen, provides “healthy food” options 

  • Light

75 percent of workstations are located within 7.5 meters of a window, increasing access to natural light to provide physiological benefits; and

Lights are also programmed for varying brightness and darkness at appropriate points throughout the day to maintain optimal circadian rhythms.

  • Mind

In response to a physiological need to be around nature, Mirvac has developed a Biophilia plan that incorporates nature’s patterns throughout the tenancy design; and

Around 1,171 plants are in the tenancy, which is more than one plant per person.

Over the past few years, Mirvac conducted a series of internal Indoor Environmental Quality (“IEQ”) surveys utilising the Building Occupants Survey System Australia (“BOSSA”) methodology. 

BOSSA is a web-based survey tool designed to assess how satisfied building occupants are with the quality of their indoor environment.

The surveys were performed at Mirvac’s former tenancy at 60 Margaret Street, Sydney and then the new headquarters at 200 George Street, Sydney.

The BOSSA measurements for overall performance, health and productivity improved by 35 per cent since the previous survey. 

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