Digitisation disconnect in construction industry - report

Digitisation disconnect in construction industry - report
Digitisation disconnect in construction industry - report

Implementing new technologies to maximise and increase productivity in the construction industry is among the primary concern of respondents to a new survey.

The Construction Industry Innovation & Productivity Report 2016, released by fintech startup Progressclaim.com surveyed over 200 construction workers and found less than half or 37 percent believe their industry is an early adopter of new tech-focussed solutions. 

Lincoln Easton, Progressclaim.com founder said 82 percent of respondents felt it’s important to work in a progressive and innovative organisation.

"A staggering number of respondents felt their workplace was not at all, or only slightly, advanced in their uptake of different technology types, with standout areas of concern including: drone technology (78 percent), 3D printing (77 percent) and BIM technology (54 percent)," he said.

"Even in areas such as IoT (the Internet of Things), desktop software and cloud technology, where respondents showed the most trust in their workplace’s abilities, the results were still low, with barely half indicating their workplace was somewhat advanced 51 percent, 46 percent and 45 percent, respectively. 

Increased productivity (90 percent), less time wastage (83 percent) and increased competitiveness (75 percent) ranked as the top three benefits of new technologies but, as an industry, we are lacking long term vision, resources and expertise to roll out new solutions.

“A project-focussed approach, rather than long term thinking, is breeding a stagnant culture that’s stifling progression at pace or scale.

"The findings uncovered key hurdles to be: a lack of expertise and resources that can be dedicated to manage the implementation (50 percent), a lack of standardisation across the industry (50 percent) and a reluctance to change current processes (39 percent)."

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