Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands

Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands
Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands

The property developer and investor Theo Onisforou has shown confidence in his Oxford Street, Paddington fashion precinct.

He had added a Glenmore Road corner terrace (pictured above) to his property portfolio.

Theo Onisforou is the founder of The Intersection, a vibrant shopping location at the junction of Glenmore Road and Oxford Street.

In 2011, the SMH fashion writer Georgina Safe wrote the intersection had blossomed into one of the country's premier destinations for local designers.

Onisforou says streets like Oxford Street, Paddington, King Street in Newtown, Campbell Parade at Bondi Beach and the Corso at Manly have the potential to benefit of having tourist traffic.

He suggests these streets benefit by having local, interstate and international tourists adding to their catchment market.

Visiting shopping celebrities have included Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon.

He was inspired by Brompton Cross, an upmarket corner of Chelsea in London.

Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands

He says his Paddington retail strip provides cafe lifestyle, people watching and shopping as "entertainment."

Shopping centres do not provide this outdoor feeling, Onisforou says. His anchor tenant is Jackie's Cafe surrounded by a strong suite of fashion outlets.

Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands

List of tenants at  The Intersection, Paddington.

Onisforou's latest acquisition is being earmarked for cafe usage is on an expansive corner block at the corner of Glenmore Road and Hopewell Lane.

It is a four level terrace with 325 square metre space which sold through Bradfield Cleary this week zoned 3(c) business neighbourhood.

It will be the Intersection's 30th tenant.

Theo Onisforou's The Intersection Paddington expands

Floor plan for 18 – 18a Glenmore Road, Paddington.

Onisforou's first fashion tenant, Scanlan & Theodore, opened at the corner of Glenmore Road in early 2004.

At one point Onisforou proposed a change in council control over the nearby street's hardest-hit retail tenancy area from Woollahra Council to Sydney Council.

The call has prompted a joint effort between the two especially in regard to car parking clearway desires by Sydney Lord Mayor, Clover Moore and Woollahra Mayor Toni Zeltzer.

Moore has asked for the clearway to be removed completely in mayoral minute last Monday night.

The clearways operate from 6am to 10am in the westbound direction and 4pm to 7pm in the eastbound direction given bus lanes. 

City of Sydney Council also seeks to introduce a 40 kilometre an hour speed limit on the street.

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