First video game-themed bar for Sydney

First video game-themed bar for Sydney
First video game-themed bar for Sydney

A new bar is opening in Sydney’s CBD western corridor and it will be the first video-gamed themed small bar in the entire city.

Set to be located at 199 Clarence Street, and close to Baxter Inn, Lobo Plantation, Papa Gede’s and Since I Left You, the premises were leased by Spawn Point through John Skufris from Ray White Commercial for a private owner.

 “199 Clarence Street offered a lower ground whole floor tenancy with its own amenities, the availability of after hour access and was previously leased as storage space,” Skufris said.

“We were informed this is the Sydney CBD's first and only video gaming-themed small bar.”

The site is between Town Hall and Wynyard.

First video game-themed bar for Sydney

Source: City of Sydney 

“The top floor is currently available for lease with an internal staircase to the building's rooftop area,” he said.

The entire building is six-storeys with a sandstone façade, and comes with independent air conditioning and its own amenities. It had been advertised as having the potential for a small bar subject to council approval – which it appears has been successfully achieved.

Spawn Point, founded by IT-professional and Sydney gamer Ben Mudie and Welder and Central Coast gamer Ben Shute, has taken a three year lease at gross rental of $475 per square metre per annum. The space is 88 square metres.

In June they managed to achieve Licensed Premises status from council.

They will have some tables with in-built arcade machines, and will offer cocktails, locally brewed beer on tap and they will also be accepting BITCOIN payments using a QRCode system via smartphones. Consoles include Xbox, Playstation, Game Cube, Nintendo and a number of vintage systems. These include Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64 and the Mega Drive 2.

“The small bar will target a different culture of people rather than the typical bar crowd,” documents submitted to Council explain.

The notes indicate that the bar has a maximum of 39 sitting, with a total of 60 patrons (not including staff) at any one time.

"The closest residential building is Windsor On Kent located at 365 Kent Street that is approximately 100 meters away. The next closest residential building being Broughton House located at 181 Clarence Street that is approximately 160 meters away," it explains. According to an acoustic report they provided, there shouldn't be adverse ambient noise problems noticed by the residents.

Windsor on Kent's two-bedroom apartments sell for around $700,000 to upwards of $900,000.

"Signage will be put in place advising our patrons to leave in a quiet fashion to avoid any disturbance to residents of the CBD."

First video game-themed bar for Sydney

Source: City of Sydney 

The proposed hours of business operation included Monday to Sunday 0800 to 0100 the next day, with alcohol to be served from 12.01 to 0045, though it's likely the bar will actually open from mid-afternoon onwards.

Casual and full time staff are expected to be hired.

Some renovations were noted as necessary, including to remove existing carpeting, removing a non-structural wall to create a single large room and removing the kitchenette to be replaced with a bar. Floating wood floor over concrete slab will be in place of the carpet. The bathrooms are also undergoing a re-tiling and replacing the vanities.

The lighting will retain the fluorescent that is currently in the building, and will include directional low powering lighting.

The street façade is the only aspect that would cause issues in regards to heritage listing – and no plans have been proposed to alter this. The internals had been previously modernised.

While it’s the first video game bar, and will likely see vast interest, there have been a number of board game bars and cafes around Sydney.

Glebe’s Bar 99 featured traditional boardgames such as Battleship and Trivial Pursuit, while Madam FlingFlong in Newtown featured Yahtzee, Cluedo and Connect Four. Both no longer operate.

Melburnians will be looking on with interest, following Mana Bar, a similar video game offering, which closed in September last year.

Spawn Point’s homepage is currently “coming soon”. The name Spawn Point is taken from the video game colloquialism 'Spawning', which means the creation of a character. Most will be more familiar with the term 'Respawn' which is what occurs after a character dies and needs to re-appear in the game. The spawn point is where the characters appear in the game.

Previous estimates suggested that plans are for a door-opening in August.

For those looking to arcade-ready their home, here’s one gamers take on a home renovation where he turned his bedroom into an arcade.

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