The top suburbs for unit rental yield around the country, Ultimo shines

The top suburbs for unit rental yield around the country, Ultimo shines
The top suburbs for unit rental yield around the country, Ultimo shines

Though negative gearing has short term benefits, many investors are looking for properties that can bring them high returns for a low price.

Using statistics from RP Data, Property Observer has put together the top five suburbs for unit rental yields by state.

Rental yield, the proportion of rental income to a property’s purchase price, is one of the key indicators of value for an investment property.

Predictably, New South Wales and Queensland currently offer the best yields for units. The price pressure in the Sydney rental market is well known, and Queensland has flagged by many of our observers as the next market to watch.

However, a property’s rental yield is only one factor in its worth to you as an investor. A property may have a high yield because property prices are depressed in that area and a local economic downturn has lowered the population’s buying capacity, giving it little potential for capital growth.

Another suburb may have a low rental yield because it consistently attracts blue-chip buyers and there isn’t much of a rental market. So while searching for an apartment, remember to consider median values, location, population and the economy.

New South Wales

While Broulee has the highest rental yield for units of any suburb in Australia, it may not be the investment you’re looking for – the seaside resort town on the south coast had a population of just 2,897 in 2011.

  1. Broulee 

    Rental yield: 12.36%
    Median price: $305,000

  2. Ultimo 

    Rental yield: 11.42%
    Median price: $255,000

  3. North Albury 

    Rental yield: 8.52%
    Median price: $116,000

  4. Nambucca Heads 

    Rental yield: 8.32%
    Median price: $200,000

  5. Bella Vista 

    Rental yield: 8.13%
    Median price: $381,000

Other high yielding NSW suburbs for units: Huskisson (7.49%), Lavington (7.44%), Taree (7.44%), Kooringal (7.38%), Raymond Terrace (7.21%).

 Australian Capital Territory

  1. Bonner

    Rental yield: 6.78%
    Median price: $345,000

  2. City 

    Rental yield: 6.3%
    Median price: $425,000

  3. Franklin

    Rental yield: 6.29%
    Median price: $310,000

  4. Downer 

    Rental yield: 6.26%
    Median price: $299,000

  5. Lyons 

    Rental yield: 6.12%
    Median price: $289,000

South Australia

  1. Risdon Park South

    Rental yield: 9.83%
    Median price: $86,000

  2. Whyalla

    Rental yield: 8.67%
    Median price: $168,000

  3. Risdon Park

    Rental yield: 8.4%
    Median price: $99,000

  4. Berri

    Rental yield: 8.2%
    Median price: $111,000

  5. Davoren Park

    Rental yield: 7.89%
    Median price: $129,000


Tasmania had the lowest rental yield for units of any state or territory. Despite offering some of the cheapest units in Australia, there isn't the rental market for units to sustain high yields.

  1. Brighton 

    Rental yield: 6.22%
    Median price: $218,000

  2. Claremont 

    Rental yield: 6.02%
    Median price: $186,000

  3. Glenorchy 

    Rental yield: 6.65%
    Median price: $192,000

  4. Hadspen 

    Rental yield: 6%
    Median price: $130,000

  5. Lutana 

    Rental yield: 5.99%
    Median price: $215,000

 Northern Territory

  1. Braitling 

    Rental yield: 7.23%
    Median price: $302,000

  2. Katherine 

    Rental yield: 7%
    Median price: $260,000

  3. Gillen 

    Rental yield: 6.93%
    Median price: $315,000

  4. Larrakeya 

    Rental yield: 6.82%
    Median price: $465,000

  5. Desert Springs 

    Rental yield: 6.54%
    Median price: $370,000


Queensland's rental yields outperformed most units in the rest of the country. But as we saw in New South Wales, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Middlemount, with a median unit rental yield of 11.97%, has a population of just 1,914 according to the 2011 census.

  1. Middlemount

    Rental yield: 11.97%
    Median price: $315,000

  2. Andergrove 

    Rental yield: 11.43%
    Median price: $178,000

  3. Woree

    Rental yield: 9.75%
    Median price: $120,000

  4. Bungalow 

    Rental yield: 8.8%
    Median price: $130,000

  5. Garbutt

    Rental yield: 8.76%
    Median price: $190,000

Other high yielding suburbs for units: Holloways Beach (8.5%), Manunda (8.4%), Logan Central (8.19%), Beenleigh (7.95%), Manoora (7.87%), Slacks Creek (7.87%).


Unit yields in Melbourne have been low for some time, due to high prices in the inner city and increasing supply with new unit developments. Victoria's highest yielding suburbs are all outside of the capital city, save the northern suburb of Macleod. 

  1. Hamilton

    Rental yield: 8.9%
    Median price: $129,000

  2. Macleod 

    Rental yield: 7.31%
    Median price: $198,000

  3. Alfredton

    Rental yield: 6.87%
    Median price: $191,000

  4. Redan 

    Rental yield: 6.83%
    Median price: $168,000

  5. Horsham 

    Rental yield: 6.68%
    Median price: $179,000

 Western Australia:

  1. Newman 

    Rental yield: 9.95%
    Median price: $575,000

  2. Boulder 

    Rental yield: 8.9%
    Median price: $175,000

  3. South Hedland 

    Rental yield: 8.39%
    Median price: $558,000

  4. Piccadilly

    Rental yield: 7.83%
    Median price: $236,000

  5. Kalgoorlie 

    Rental yield: 7.74%
    Median price: $235,000

Remember, while performance indicators can give you a superficial understanding of a suburb's investment value, most offer the greatest value as comparative measures.

If you're considering a property investment, look back at the yields historically found in that area to get an understanding of which way the trend is heading, compare your figures with other areas, and consider other valuation tools.

This article article has been amended to include South Australian figures.

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