Unit owners, manage contractors closely this festive season

Unit owners should continue to be vigilant and monitor contractors closely during the holiday season to avoid being left in the lurch, Archers Body Corporate Management advises.

Archers notes that property owners often go away during the busy holiday season. With no presence in the building, it can be difficult to ensure contractors are completing their jobs, which can lead to unnecessary conflict and stress.

Archers Body Corporate Management managing director Colin Archer advised that bodies corporate need to carefully select licensed contractors and project managers over the festive season, and follow up on the work that they do.

“If you’re not going to be present, it’s important to have a dedicated project manager on site that is responsible for keeping track of when work should be completed,” Archer said.

“Ideally this will be someone who has a good working relationship with the complex and can monitor the actions of contractors, keep records of project goals, day-to-day activities and agreed timeframes,” he added.

For peace of mind for both contractors and homeowners, Archer recommends ensuring there is always someone to take over when contractors and employees require time off. Additionally, project estimates should take public holidays into account, to make the transition into the festive season an easy one.

Archer has listed seven tips for managing contractors during the festive period:

1. Book in early and ensure works are scheduled in early-mid December or a time when you aren’t going away, so you can be around to supervise

2. If you aren’t going to be around, ensure a trusted contact is available to monitor progress

3. Obtain emergency contact details for contractors in case you need to get in touch

4. Make sure you get a schedule of the times contractors shut down

5. Always ask what the call out rates are during the holiday season and on public holidays to avoid any nasty surprises

6. Avoid calling contractors out during holiday periods unless it’s an emergency to avoid paying excess fees

7. In case of an emergency, ensure your building has an up-to-date emergency plan so tenants know where to turn.

Diane Leow

Diane Leow

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