Landlord faces jury due to tenant's harassment leading to rape

This tweet about a case in Ohio may shock.


It details the situation of two people living within the same apartment complex. Haynes, a live-in boyfriend (not on the lease) of tenant Schmidt, began threatening downstairs tenant Lindsay who had been complaining about the noise.

The Forbes article explains that Lindsay received a pseudonymous Facebook message that included a pornographic video, which she believed was sent by Haynes.

She took it to her landlord, asking to be released from the lease as she feared for her safety. The landlord moved her to another apartment within the complex, and told Haynes he needed to leave as he wasn't on the lease. Haynes tried to be added to the lease, but due to bad credit history he was not able to. He was not evicted.

He then raped Lindsay in her new apartment.

A shocking story, but what may shock landlords is what occured next. Haynes was convicted of the crime, and given nine years in prison. Lindsay then took the landlord to court.

“While Haynes’ Facebook communication alone did not rise to the level of criminal activity, it nonetheless made Towne Properties management even more aware of why Lindsay feared Haynes, and aware of Haynes’ escalating behavior toward Lindsay," the Court responded.

The landlord is now due in court with a jury.

Property Observer is looking into what may occur in a similar situation in Australia.

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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