Australia's CBD retail districts among the world's most expensive: Colliers

The arrival of new major international brands and the continued refurbishment of major city centre retail destinations have seen Australia's prime CBD retail districts maintain their status as amongst the most expensive in the world.

Sydney's Pitt Street Mall was ranked the eighth most expensive retail strip in the world, with rents in the mall averaging US$871 per square foot, according to the annual Colliers International 2013 Global Retail Highlights Report. The figures were based upon the currency exchange rate in March 2013.

Colliers International head of retail, Michael Bate said “The CBD continues to be the first location of choice for major international retailers coming to Australia… Generally, new entrants seek a flagship location in either the Sydney or Melbourne CBD, followed by smaller stores in top performing regional shopping centres".

Among some of the major brands to arrive have been Apple, Zara and Topshop, while others like Tiffany & Co have been expanding their presence.

However, the report noted that new-to-market retailers must now consider options outside of the CBDs, where they would traditionally choose to locate stores. The biggest rent mover in the report was Brisbane Mall, which saw rents rise 5% to US$431.64 per square foot over the same time last year. Rents on Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall were steady at US$677.08 per square foot, while on Adelaide's Rundle Street Mall they fell 8.3% to US$265.99 per square foot.


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