The 34 Infrastructure Australia projects that might interest property investors: List of the day

Stephen TaylorJuly 7, 20130 min read

Builders of infrastructure – such as roads and buildings – have been hoping for priority listing after submitting plans for works to Infrastructure Australia.

This year, 34 submissions met the body’s priority criteria. They are worth a reported $27 million.

The projects are ranked in order of priority:  from ‘early stage’ to ‘ready to proceed’.  Tax breaks are received by investors whose projects qualify as meeting the priority threshold or are judged ‘ready to proceed’.

NSW, Queensland and Victoria each have 11 projects on the priority lists, WA eight, South Australia four, Tasmania three and the Northern Territory one.

A list of major works includes upgrades for:

Pacific Highway between Sydney and Brisbane

Monash Freeway  and Warrigal Road in Victoria

Great Northern Highway in the Wheatbelt, Leach Highway in East Fremantle and the Pilbara.

Also on the list are:

National Broadband Network

At a threshold level are:

Eastern Busway in Queensland

National Ports Strategy

Below is a full list of submitted projects:

Early stages

Capacity Improvements and Expansion of the Metropolitan Commuter Rail Network (NSW; $795m)

Melton Rail Line Duplication and Electrification (Vic, $1300m)

Gold Coast Rail (Qld SE QLD Mayors; $2,875m)

Hobart: A World Class, Liveable, Waterfront City (Tas; $120m)

North West Sydney Public Transport Strategy – North West Rail Link (NSW; $7,500m - $8,500m)*

South Road (SA $tbc)

South Australia National Managed Motorways Project – South Eastern Freeway, Stirling to Crafers (SA; $4.57m)

Tram Route 86 Demonstration Project, Stages B and C (Vic; $tbc)*

Port Hedland Inner Harbour – Capacity Enhancements (WA; North West Iron Ore Alliance; Hancock; $500 - $1000m)

Transforming the Pilbara: Pilbara Cities (WA; $2900m)*

Port of Hastings (incl. Peninsula Link rail freight corridor) (Vic; $tbc)

Eyre Peninsula Port Proposals (SA, Centrex; $tbc)

Port Botany and Sydney Airport Transport Improvement Plan (NSW; $tbc)*

Northern Sydney Road Freight Access - F3-M2 (NSW; $4,750m – ($2008))

Australian Digital Train Control System (Australasian Railways Association; $20m)

Mount Isa - Townsville Rail Corridor Upgrade (QLD; $333m)

Transcontinental Rail Link - Mildura to Menindee (Mildura Development Corporation; $400m)

Bruce Highway Upgrade Strategy (Qld; $22,500m including Cooroy to Curra)

Bruce Highway - Cooroy to Curra Section A (Qld; $852m)*

Warrego highway Upgrade Strategy – Helidon to Morven (Qld; $670m)*

Tasmanian Rail Revitalisation Program (Tas; $240m)*

Hobart to Launceston Transport Strategy (Tas; $1,662m)*

An Innovation Strategy for Tasmania: Focus on Food Bowl Concept (Tas; $tbc)


Projects with real potential

Integrating Sydney’s Motorway Network

Melbourne Metro Stage 2 (Vic; tbc)*

Dandenong Rail Capacity (Vic; $tbc)*

Queensland National Managed Motorways – Bruce Highway, Beams Road to Caboolture Road (Qld; $202m)*

Queensland National Managed Motorways – Pacific Motorway, Gateway to Logan (Qld; $4.6m)*

Abbot Point Multi-Purpose Harbour (Qld; $3,300m ($2010 real)

Smart Port ICT (Vic; $16m)

South West (Bunbury) Infrastructure (WA; $605m)

Freight Access to Port of Brisbane Airport - Gateway Motorway North (Qld; $1,159m - $2,710m)

Freight Access to Port of Adelaide - Northern Connector (SA; $1,191m)

Melbourne International Freight Terminal (Vic; $tbc)

Bell Bay Intermodal Expansion Project (Tas; $150m) 

Western Interstate Freight Terminal (Vic; $tbc)

North South Rail Freight Corridors including Northern Sydney Freight (Australian Rail Track Corporation and NSW; $n/a)

Advanced Train Management System (Australian Rail Track Corporation; $500m)

East West Rail Freight Corridor (Australian Rail Track Corporation; $n/a)

Green Triangle Freight Transport Project (SA/Vic; $112m)

East West Link (Vic; $tbc)

Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Reform (Tas; $1000m)

Mid-West Energy – Stage 2 (WA; $280m)  


Eastern Busway (Stages 2b and 3) (Qld; $825m)

National Ports Strategy – 30 year plans for ports and landside connections

Oakajee Port (potential equity injection) (WA; c.$4500m ($2010 real)

Darwin East Arm Port Expansion (potential equity injection) (NT; $336m)

National Land Freight Strategy

Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Reform (Tas; $1000m)

Mid-West Energy – Stage 2 (WA; $280m)

Ready to proceed

Brisbane Cross River Rail – core project (Qld; BCR 1.34; $5311m)*

Victorian National Managed Motorways – Monash Freeway, High Street to Warrigal Road (Vic; BCR 11.5; $14.3m)*

Victorian National Managed Motorways – Monash Freeway, Warrigal Road to Clyde Road (Vic; BCR 6.9; $100.7m)

Melbourne Metro Stage 1 (Vic; BCR = 1.3; $tbc)*

Pacific Highway Corridor upgrades (NSW, BCR = 1.5; $6400m ($2010 real))

An infrastructure policy framework is being developed for essential Indigenous infrastructure. As this is progressed, Infrastructure Australia’s Indigenous Infrastructure Sub-Committee will work with stakeholders to identify potential projects.

Infrastructure Australia proposes reforms around planning for water security, independent pricing, competition in bulk supply and consumer choice over levels of reliability

Infrastructure Australia supports proposed reforms to regulatory provisions regarding connection of remote renewable energy generation and electricity transmission connections between states.

National Broadband Network


Stephen Taylor

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