The Melbourne and Sydney suburbs that spend the most on online retail

If you’ve ever wondered which Australians spend the most amount of money online, now’s your chance to find out.

New data provided by analytics firm Quantium reveals the suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne that spend the most on online retail sales – and which suburbs are experiencing the most growth.

The figures come as part of the research poured into NAB’s online retail sales index, which is one of several projects Quantium prepares for a range of clients.

The data is based on the account information and the address of each account holder, not where products are purchased or where they are delivered.

The transaction data reveals some interesting trends. While most of the activity occurs in the central business districts of both Melbourne and Sydney, there are several suburbs where activity is greater than others.

Several businesses use these types of analytics to inform their marketing campaigns – specifically SEO and AdWords. While this data alone shouldn’t be used by businesses as marketing tools, it represents how important location-based marketing can be when it comes to selling online.


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This article originally appeared on SmartCompany.


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