Campbellfield, Melbourne, brothel listed for auction with $3 million hopes

Hotspot, a Campbellfield brothel and strip club, has been for listed for sale with hopes of up to $3 million.

The vendor, Donna Murdoch, is selling the property because licensing laws prevent madams from operating more than one brothel.

Murdoch, the madam of the Main Course in North Melbourne, had previously tried to sell the property in 2007, around the time the law was passed limiting brothel ownership.

Agent John Castran from John H Castran Pty Ltd says Murdoch was unmotivated to sell back then with hopes the laws would be changed.

It has been sitting idle for the last 18 months as the laws were enforced.

Despite sitting idle, the property has been extensively renovated in that time.

“If you and I went down there now and flicked the lights on you would not believe it,” Castran says.

“You couldn’t spend money renovating it if you tried.

“It’s absolutely bloody unbelievable.”

The new renovated property is being sold fully furnished and comes with all required liquor and sex licences.

It is being marketed as a three-way investment, comprising the brothel, strip club and bar operations.

“It’s a three in one. A one-stop shop,” says Castran.

They have been operated as separate businesses, allowing it to be one of the few brothels in Melbourne with a drinking venue.

The brothel is located upstairs and has six bedrooms, three with spas. With ground-floor entry, the brothel has a foyer, office and reception waiting area.

The ground floor of the venue has a fully fitted bar lounge, which is licensed for explicit entertainment, a sports bar, kitchen, office and outdoor beer garden. The lounge bar has several load-bearing poles.

Close to the Hume Highway, it comes with secure fencing and 24 carparks.

Castran has been marketing the property towards potential owner-operators, saying very few brothels are actually rented premises.

“I’ve learnt a lot about the industry.”

“I haven’t made a call about the rent. These days basically all brothels are owner-operators. They used to be landlord and operator deal, but that’s rare now.”

He says there has been significant interest in the property.

The liquor licence allows a maximum of 300 people from 11am to 6am on Sunday to Thursday and from 11am to 7am on Friday and Saturday.

“It’s got a pretty amazing liquor licence.  You just can’t get them anymore.”

“They’re hard to get now. There’s more shutting down than being opened.”

The 1,178-square-metre property goes to auction on September 28 at noon, and it sounds like an auction not to miss.

“We’ve got some dancing girls coming in for the auction.”

“It’ll definitely be open for inspection, so to speak.”

Alistair Walsh

Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter

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