Tasmanian Queenstown’s Hunters Hotel – site of King O’Malley’s campaigning speeches – on the market

Alistair WalshMay 27, 20120 min read

Despite his distaste of barmaids "hired for their physical attributes rather than their prowess in drawing ale," and his teetotalling ways, early Labor politician King O'Malley often delivered his famous Federation-era speeches from the balcony of Queenstown’s Hunters Hotel – a hotel that is now up for sale.

O’Malley frequently campaigned for workers’ rights from the 1898-built hotel as Tasmanians gathered in the street below.

The hotel has two shop fronts, each leased to long term-tenants. The building has 20 hotel rooms and a bottle shop at the rear.

Classified as a building of national historic significance, the hotel sits on a 1,012-square-metre block of land. The historical façade of the building is heritage listed.

Agent Bradlee Martin from Roberts Licenced Properties Hobart is looking for between $170,000 and $200,000 for the property.

O’Malley was a pioneer of Labor tradition and had a strong relationship with the miners of Queenstown.

He moved to Tasmania in 1900.

His parliamentary career had a major impact on property being behind the push that explains the ACT leasehold situation.

Alistair Walsh

Deutsche Welle online reporter
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