Land values flat in NSW region of Harden in past three years: NSW Valuer-General

The total land value of the 2,475 properties in Harden was $535 million according to NSW Valuer-General Philip Western.

The figure slipped 0.5% from the 2008 valuation of $538 million.

Residential land prices in the twin towns of Murrumburrah-Harden had a moderate decrease.

This decrease includes a median residential price drop of 5% from 2010’s figure $25,700.

Commercial land prices also experienced a moderate decrease over the three years but from 2010 to 2011 business land prices remained constant.

Industrial land in the area had a slight decrease since the last valuation although prices remained constant from 2010 to 2011.

Rural and hobby farm land prices in Harden Shire remained generally steady over the three years, although hobby farms towards the southern part of the shire had a moderate increase in value, while larger hobby farms towards the north and west of the  shire experienced a slight decrease.

Year on year, rural land prices in Harden increased 5% from $177,000 in 2010.

Village land values generally remained steady except for a slight increase in Galonga and a strong increase in Wombat.

Landowners and rate-paying-lessees received a notice of valuation this month.

The valuations are used to determine rates and land taxes on investment properties.

Typical residential land values were:

  • 1,012 square square metres at Binalong Street, Harden valued at $22,600
  • 1,897 square square metres at Ward Street, Harden valued at $32,400
  • 1.993 hectares at Doolan Road, Harden valued at $67,500

Typical commercial land value was:

  • 550 square metres at Neill Street, Harden valued at $17,700

Typical industrial land values were:

  • 2,023 square metres at Vernon Street, Murrumburrah valued at $28,500
  • 7,653 square metres at Jack Ward Drive, Harden valued at $17,700

Typical rural land values were:

  • 529 hectares at Bogolara Road, Berremangra valued at $582,000
  • 211 hectares at Fairview Road, Galong valued at $644,000
  • 242 hectares at Cullinga Mines Road, Harden valued at $663,000
  • 157 hectares at Back Demondrille Road, Murrumburrah valued at $576,000
  • 303 hectares at Jugiong Road, Harden valued at $670,000
  • 224 hectares at Moppity Road, Young valued at $680,000

Typical rural residential land values were:

  • 6.8 hectares at Hume Highway, Jugiong valued at $38,100
  • 2 hectares at East Street, Harden valued at $80,000
  • 2 hectares at Barwang Road, Harden valued at $55,000
  • 8.4 hectares at Race Creek Road, Wombat valued at $96,800

Typical hobby farm land values were:

  • 40.1 hectares at Jugiong Road, Harden valued at $194,000
  • 49.4 hectares at Ellerslie Road, Wombat valued at $260,000
  • 25.5 hectares at Currawong Road, Murrumburrah valued at $208,000
  • 63.4 hectares at Kalangan Road, Galong valued at $200,000
  • 14.4 hectares at Cunningar Road, Galong valued at $50,000

Typical village land values were:

  • 1,100 square metres at High Street, Galong valued at $16,500
  • 2 hectares at Stapylton Street, Jugiong valued at $38,400
  • 1,366 square metres at Parkes Street, Jugiong valued at $17,200
  • 1,265 square metres at Rose Street, Wombat valued at $23,300



    Alistair Walsh

    Alistair Walsh

    Deutsche Welle online reporter

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