Sunshine Coast home to ageing population; Herron Todd White

Sunshine Coast home to ageing population; Herron Todd White
Sunshine Coast home to ageing population; Herron Todd White

The Sunshine Coast’s population is ageing, according to a recent report from valuation firm Herron Todd White.

ABS statistics show that 42 percent of the population is between 40 and 70 years old.

The March report found that the impact that this population segment is having on the market is sizeable.

“Then throw in the empty nesters and this downsizer market grows even more. This market is pretty clear about what it wants. They don’t want the hassle of looking after large homes and yards. They want the flexibility of being able to socialise with friends, play golf, go fishing and travel,” the report continues.

“The biggest change we have seen has been lot sizes and densities in new estates on the eastern side of the highway close to the coast.”

Sales specifically of new allotments of less than 450 square metres have grown to almost 60 percent of all new allotments sold during 2017-18.

These changes are reflected by the average size of new vacant residential allotments sold reducing from 824 square metres in 1998-99 to 467 square metres in 2017-18.

This has not only benefited downsizers, but the improvement in affordability has helped with buyers entering the market.

“These small lots have produced some really efficient home design with some great spaces,” the report added.

Master bedrooms to the ground floor and provisions for passenger lifts or even installing them have become serious options for two level homes as has just building a smaller single level, according to the report.

When looking at units, one of the biggest demand segments for existing or new units is larger permanent occupancy style apartments.

Permanent occupancy style product has become increasingly popular as they are typically located in close proximity to the coast, close to cafes and restaurants with two car basement parking.

“When we move towards the older established coastal areas, densities have changed by the growing presence of duplexes and infill townhouse developments. These 600 plus square metre sites are effectively being split into small lot housing with results being similar to the smaller lots found in estates. As the coast continues to grow, we will continue to see these demographic forces,” the report concluded.

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