Proptech startup Instarent launches crowdfunding campaign

Proptech startup Instarent launches crowdfunding campaign
Proptech startup Instarent launches crowdfunding campaign

Proptech company Instarent is described as the first fully integrated online solution for property owners to manage their own investment properties.

Launched only a year ago, the Instarent platform hosts over 500 properties and is adding 100 new properties every month. 

The Australian property management market is currently worth $5.5 billion dollars and Instarent founder, AJ Chand, would like to capture up to twenty percent of it. To assist with this ambitious expansion plan, Instarent is embarking on an equity crowdfunding raise with Birchal.

An end-to-end solution for property management, Instarent manages and facilitates the entire property management ecosystem by automating the process for tenants, agents, landlords and tradespeople.

It launched with a freemium model, charging for add-on services such as background checks on tenants, photography packages for properties and end of year financial support.

The platform includes live notifications as well as integration with multiple strategic partners including Realestate and Domain.

Chand said, "intelligent algorithms do most of the work for you, and we have property management experts available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our business model has been developed so that we can rapidly expand to ensure we have the critical mass available to satisfy our fast-growing marketplace."

“Timing is everything, and Instarent has launched at the optimal time to capture not just the changed markets of today’s property management ecosystem, but future markets as the progression of technological know-how propels our technology into the hands of landlords and tenants wanting to cut out the middle person once and for all," he concluded.

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