Anxious home loan holders seek fast lane to pay off their mortgage early

Staff reporterOctober 15, 20180 min read

New research by ING reveals 51% of all Aussie home loan holders fear they’ll never be able to pay off their home loan.

Some 40% are concerned they’ll carry their mortgage into retirement.

The research confirmed that 82% are paying down more than what’s required most years.

The research comes as ING launches Everyday Round Up for Home Loans, a digital tool that enables ING customers to round up the loose change from their card purchases to pay down their ING mortgage. 

Card purchases made through ING’s Orange Everyday account are rounded up to the nearest $1 or $5 and the extra amount is automatically shifted from the customer’s Orange Everyday account to pay down the mortgage. 

ING’s head of retail banking, Melanie Evans says the loose change in less than a year has helped over 160,000 customers collectively save $32 million.

ING estimates that customers who round up $50 each month to their 30 year owner occupier Mortgage Simplifier mortgage of $350,000 could shave 19 months or save $14,000 in interest by rounding up their loose change.

It assumes the customer puts down a 20% deposit and makes principal and interest repayments.

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