New website to cater for low doc loans understanding

New website to cater for low doc loans understanding
New website to cater for low doc loans understanding

Low Doc Loan Experts CEO and Founder Yannick Ieko has launched a new website that aims to help people understand low doc loans and the benefits they provide to self-employed applicants who do not meet general lenders requirements to demonstrate their income.

The site is

“I find that there are many small to medium business especially in the trade areas that may not meet the rigid criteria for a traditional loan and have the capacity to purchase but need the flexibility of a low doc loan,” says Yannick.

After the GFC, low doc loans all but disappeared from the marketplace. They became too difficult because of stricter regulations and major banks stopped offering them in their product range or imposed requirements, which made them just as difficult to get as standard loans.

Today, some smaller lenders have started to offer low doc loans, including for SMSFs, on the condition the applicant’s earnings can be confirmed by an accountant. Although only a handful of lenders offer these products, it opens the way for so many more Australians to buy, refinance or get equity out of their properties.

Because it is also available for SMSF lending, it opens up new investment strategies to people who would have otherwise been locked out.

“There is only one low doc option we are aware of for residential properties in SMSF and it requires the use of the special Eclipse structure. It's very niche and a little technical but it can absolutely be done,” says Yannick.

Low doc lenders are offering document-free loans so long as the applicant’s earnings can be guaranteed by an accountant.

He suggests this is especially hopeful for the self-employed who struggle to demonstrate an income because:

  • They haven’t lodged their paperwork to the tax office.
  • Their business is young and doesn’t have a solid income history.
  • Could also include people whose business is taking off and current income may not be reflected in lodged tax returns for 12 to 18 months


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