Rents continue to trend lower despite market rebound: CoreLogic

Rents continue to trend lower despite market rebound: CoreLogic
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

National rents were -0.1% lower over the month to September 2019, with a median rental value of $436/week, according to the latest Quarterly Rental Review from CoreLogic

They found Rental rates across the combined capital cities came in -0.2% lower over the month with a weekly median rental value of $464/week which remains considerably higher than the combined regional markets where the median rental value current sits at $381/week, with rents across regional areas having risen by 0.1% over the month of September 2019.

Looking at the change in rents over the month across the capital cities, Adelaide was the only capital city to record a monthly rise in rents (+0.1%), with rental rates lower in Sydney (-0.3%), Melbourne (-0.1%), Perth (- 0.1%), Hobart (-0.2%), Darwin (-0.2%) and Canberra (- 0.3%), while unchanged in Brisbane.

According to CoreLogic’s head of research, Tim Lawless, “the broad based weakness in rental conditions can probably be attributed to a rise in rental supply following the surge in investment and residential construction activity through the previous housing boom which has contributed to rental supply."

"Additionally, as first home buyer numbers have surged, this has likely contributed to a reduction in demand as renters convert to buyers.”

“Markets where rents are rising the fastest have generally seen less of a supply response, creating tight rental conditions and pushing rents higher,” he concluded.

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