Bondi hoarders home pulled from auction

Bondi hoarders home pulled from auction
Bondi hoarders home pulled from auction

The NSW Sheriff’s office has cancelled this week's scheduled auction of the Bondi hoarders home.

The solicitors for Waverley Council have received payment from the current occupants in satisfaction of the outstanding amount.

It is the third time the auction has been cancelled during the past three years.

The auction was set to be held on November 22 with $2 million plus hopes, based on previous price guides.

The Bobolas family’s notorious rubbish-ridden Californian bungalow last sold to Mary Bobolas in 1973 for $15,000.

There are currently five writs on title, totalling more than $248,000 worth of council clean-up charges and legal fees.

Ric Serrao, of Raine & Horne Double Bay, had been enlisted again to market the 550 square metre property.

He issued 20 contracts.

The Boonara Avenue property was offered to buyers in 2016, but the auction was cancelled at the last minute when the family produced enough funds to pay off part of their debt to council for their continual clean-ups.

When it was listed in 2015, around 63 contracts were issued, but the Bobolas family again managed to come up with the money just hours before the auction.

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