Investors active in Tamworth residential market: HTW

Investors active in Tamworth residential market: HTW
Investors active in Tamworth residential market: HTW

The Tamworth residential market is continuing to trade strongly across all sectors.

According to the June report from Herron Todd White, residential properties are trading well with both owner-occupiers and investors being active.

There has been an increase in the number of prestige properties being sold across several suburbs, with strong prices and limited time on market achieved.

"As we reach the middle of the year, the slight dip in construction we noticed at the start of the year appears to have stabilised and increased slightly, however it still appears to be down on what was occurring this time last year", stated the HTW valuers.

"This is still being attributed to the change in the first home owner grant as it is the lower end of construction ($350,000 to $450,000) which has slowed down."

The newer sections of Calala, North Tamworth and Moore Creek have seen an increase in sale prices as newer homes come onto the market.

The increase also seems to be attributed to the subdivisions now being more established with less construction happening around the homes, and streets on the whole having a better appeal.

It is not only the newer suburbs performing well - East Tamworth has seen an increase in values particularly among the older style brick dwellings.

According to this report, the average increase in median price for north, east, south and west Tamworth is 11% as at today’s date.

Although this is only data for the past five months and not completely up to date, it does however give a good indication of the strength of the Tamworth market.

Given the relative affordability of housing in Tamworth, the unit market trades has been trading steadily with no real highs or lows.

However with the town continuing to grow and with more professionals moving in, the executive townhouse style unit is certainly increasing in demand, the valuers suggest.

A 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom townhouse sold earlier this year for $550,000 in East Tamworth and with many new dwellings available in this price range, it shows a strong attraction for this style of townhouse.

Overall, the Tamworth market has been trading well, and the valuers forecast this will continue for the remainder of 2018.

There is some concern given the current drought conditions and there may be a slight drop noticed within the rural residential sector, however local agents continue to report strong demand for these properties.

Tamworth is not a town reliant on any one industry and although the drought may affect the rural and rural lifestyle sector, it is expected that the general residential market will continue to trade strongly concludes the report.

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