DomaCom partners KSI Investments with crowdfunded campaign of Badgerys Creek sites

DomaCom partners KSI Investments with crowdfunded campaign of Badgerys Creek sites
DomaCom partners KSI Investments with crowdfunded campaign of Badgerys Creek sites

Crowdfunding company DomaCom has joined with KSI Investments for a land banking campaign in Western Sydney’s Rossmore/Badgerys Creek area.

Investors will soon be able to own units in a sub-fund of DomaCom Fund that will acquire the Rossmore/Badgerys Creek land site.

The DomaCom Fund is designed so that so that any number of investors can pool in different amounts to purchase a specific property asset – such as this Rossmore/Badgerys Creek parcels of land – and reap the benefits of the increased capital value of the asset over time.

The fund expects to deliver investors with strong capital growth in about 10 years.

DomaCom’s land banking formula enables even mum-and-dad investors to acquire an area of land zoned for rural or agricultural use that will, due to growth in the urban corridor, eventually be re-zoned to residential. Previously, it was the domain of institutional investors, DomaCom says,

It works on the principle that holding the land for the long term would see the property increase in value as population/housing demand sees re-zoning occur to create new suburbs.

The current land banking assets are at 60 Devonshire Road, Rossmore, which is a 2.5 ha of land. The other is 64 Devonshire Road (2.1 ha). The total area is 4.6 ha.

The zoning is RU4 – Rural Small Holdings.

The total price is $7.56 million or $162 per sqm.

This differs from traditional land banking where most of the profit goes to the developer. Instead, through the crowdfunding model, of DomaCom and KSI Investments, “investors will be able to receive some of the expected profit that traditionally has only been available to developers,” says the campaign document.

Key features: 

1. Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek – 5km or 10 mins drive

2. Commercial hubs such as Penrith, Campbelltown, and Liverpool – 20km or 30 mins drive

3. Sydney CBD – 40km or 1 hour drive from Sydney CBD

4. Future regional centre, Leppington – 4km.  Leppington has been identified as a priority precinct by the NSW Planning Department and developments will include:

a. Train station

b. Supermarket and department store

c. Aquatic and sport centre

d. Community and cultural centres

e. A large integrated hospital

f. Employment for approx. 13,000 people

Rossmore precinct – only 2km away.  The future Rossmore precinct will also include:

a. Train station (location is currently under Government planning)

b. Supermarkets

c. 1 High school, 3 Primary schools, 3 Childcare centres and 15 General Practitioners.

The crowdfunding campaign is still being structured but applications are open for interested investors.

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