Adelaide still not very accepting of apartment living

Adelaide still not very accepting of apartment living
Adelaide still not very accepting of apartment living

Many council areas within Adelaide have undergone zoning changes in recent times, the valuation firm, Herron Todd White recently noted.

"This is encouraging higher density in-fill development in many areas, it noted.

"Smaller projects involve the demolition of an older style dwelling and construction of at least two courtyard style dwellings on the site.

"There is increasing developer activity in areas where higher density developments are being approved."

The report pinpointed suburbs such as Magill, Tranmere and Prospect as experiencing good demand from developers as a result.

"There are increasing numbers of dwellings being constructed on smaller allotments which will eventually change how many residents live in these areas."

A two-bedroom unit at 2/2A Camroc Avenue, Tranmere sold for $322,500. The selling agents were Tom Hector and Jarred Stamoulis of Harris.

 Adelaide still not very accepting of apartment living

But HTW noted the majority of larger households in Adelaide are still not very accepting of unit living.

"It is typically still the domain of smaller households and renters.

"Given the increased developer activity in many suburbs around Adelaide, this may one day begin to change, but it is not something that will occur in the short term," the HTW report noted.

In Adelaide, many householders constructing on smaller allotments are still building substantial dwellings.

They are seeking lower maintenance allotments but still want large living areas and space to entertain.

The average allotment size in Adelaide continues to decrease to counteract the already far reaching urban sprawl.

"Although there will be smaller properties built by investors for rental accommodation, households with families will continue to seek larger accommodation.

"This will be a continual balancing act for local councils and developers in the market place," it advised.

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