South West WA property entry point starts at $250,000

South West WA property entry point starts at $250,000
South West WA property entry point starts at $250,000

The major centres throughout the South West have seen sales volumes continue to remain relatively stable, however the residential market within WA rural residential localities and inland townships have continued to soften.

The valuation firm, Herron Todd White suggests the swings of the Perth market during the past several years have been missed in the South West which was still benefiting from a strong population growth.

"People in general want to live here, employment permitted, as the region is characterised by pristine beaches, surf and its world renowned wine region.

Entry points into the lower end of the market range from $250,000 to $400,000.

"For this amount you can purchase either a basic established residence or build a project home in one of the outlying new developments," the recent report advised.

A three-bedroom house at 4 Ashbrook Green, Dunsborough (picture above) has sold for $365,000 through Michael Mort of JMW Real Estate.

"These established homes are in general located in closer proximity to the beach than the new developments and as such the established homes generally offer better capital growth potential while the new housing market offers better yields.

It noted the lower market segment is generally being driven by first home buyers and also investors.

"The stable condition of the lower market segment consequently has a ow on effect into the middle market as vendors of the lower market segment are looking in effect to trade up.

"It is generally the mums and dads that are active in this space as they are looking to upgrade the family home.

"Currently this market segment is offering good value for money.

"This market segment is considered to be stable, however we note that it is not performing as well as the lower market segment."

The higher price range was resulting in fewer prospective purchasers.

It also noted while there seems to be a healthy balance between supply and demand the selling periods are in general longer than the lower market segment.

"Unfortunately, the upper end of the market is considerably slower than the lower and middle market segments.

"Properties above $1 million are selling if they are priced correctly, however extended selling periods between six to 12 months are still common.

"That being said, the South West is considered to be a premium holiday destination and there is still demand from the wealthy to invest and holiday in the region.

"Therefore prestigious properties scattered throughout the South West, such as Naturaliste, Eagle Bay, Metricup and Yallingup are still regularly recording sale prices in excess of $1 million."

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