Strongbuild meeting demand for housing in Sydney's north west

Strongbuild meeting demand for housing in Sydney's north west
Strongbuild meeting demand for housing in Sydney's north west

Prefabricated construction specialists Strongbuild are about to break ground on the Phoenix Luxury Apartments, a 134 dwelling development at Rouse Hill that will be built using a combination of cross-laminated timber (CLT) and lightweight timber techniques.

Strongbuild opened their state-of-the-art panelisation facility in Bella Vista 12 months ago.

Warren McGregor, CEO of prefabAUS, said Strongbuild’s commitment to improved construction processes has seen the company forge a leading position in Australia in adopting automation technologies, underpinning the company’s strong growth and success in winning showcase projects.

"It also demonstrates the importance of prefabrication as a response to the Australian housing crisis," he said.

“Strongbuild, and prefabrication generally, is helping to meet the challenges of the housing crisis, particular in areas of intense growth such as in north-west Sydney.

"Prefabrication delivers healthy, environmentally efficient, more sustainable housing to shorter construction timelines and with less wastage.

Adam Strong, Strongbuild’s managing director said the NSW Government’s plans for growth influenced Strongbuild’s decision to place their manufacturing facility in north-west Sydney. 

“The decision to locate our panelisation facility in Bella Vista was influenced by the fact that Sydney’s north-west is a high-growth multi-residential area and provides access to a great pool of appropriately skilled staff," he said.

“Also, the north-west of Sydney is booming and is a massive growth corridor.

"The NSW Government has invested a large amount into the Sydney Metro Northwest rail line, which will open in 2019.

"This is driving growth and greater density around the new rail corridor.

"Prefabrication allows for greater control over manufacturing quality and timelines. 

“Prefabrication is about taking control of the negative variables associated with the industry and is achieved via our streamlined approach to building. It results in shorter timeframes and reduced wastage.

“Our manufacturing facility in Bella Vista is capable of processing engineered timber product (CLT and glulam), creating detailed 3D design and workshop drawings, plus the automated manufacturing of panelisation, all under one roof in a controlled environment.” 

"Panelisation is the automated manufacturing of key building elements, off site in a controlled factory environment. Floors, walls, roofs, bathroom pods and joinery components are pre- finished in the factory then transported to site for streamlined construction. 

“Because of the automated nature of panelisation it is possible to add healthy, energy efficient options to a home for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction techniques.

"Panelisation is bringing the concept of building these kinds of homes well within the reach of individuals and developers alike.

"For the Phoenix project in particular, panelisation will be used to construct the six above- ground levels of the luxury apartments. 

“This makes the project more efficient than a conventional concrete and masonry structure due to advances in manufacturing, increased quality, reduced construction time frames and reduced waste,” Strong says. 

“We've just got to look at better ways, more efficient ways, of delivering products that make sense for western Sydney, not least, to help solve the problems of the housing crisis – a solution utilising CLT and lightweight timber as well as steel supports fits the bill here."

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